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The Situation

Greg Hagopian is a lawyer in Visalia, California. He was promoting his service of helping people remove negative incidents from their records. He reached out to Postcardmania, and with some help from DirectMail2.0, we were able to bring in the leads he was looking for!

The Solution

Greg purchased a list of 10,000 records, and mailed to the list 3 times from January to July. But with DirectMail2.0, its not ALL about the mailing, DM2.0 consists of these four tactics in one:

A direct mail campaign to generate the most amount of leads

Mail tracking so that you can correctly anticipate when your mailer will hit mailboxes

Call tracking to record and save all calls and conversations that come in as a direct results of your direct mail campaign

Google online follow-up ads that track new visitors to your website and show them ads across millions of websites in the Google network

The Results

The law office received 75 calls and 1,000 website visitors

The campaign worked! The law office received 75 calls and 1,000 website visitors. Those website visitors were shown his online follow up ads a total of 189,836 times.

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