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The Situation

Twanna Henderson was running for Mint Hill Town Commissioner. The committee to elect her was looking for an effective way to get their campaign message in front of voters so they called PostcardMania for ideas.

The Solution

They chose PostcardMania’s Everywhere Political product to target locals, which combines direct mail postcards with matching digital ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Twanna Henderson’s postcard design included:

  • A professional headshot of the candidate, which gives the postcard a personal touch.
  • Copy that tells the recipient when to vote, early voting dates and election day.
  • A bulleted list addressing her qualifications for the position.

Because the committee to elect Twanna Henderson needed her message to reach voters, they needed to target community members. So, they provided a targeted list of voters in Mint Hill, NC to get her campaign message in front of those who could vote her into the commissioner’s office. The committee flanked their targeted mailing list with the precision of digital marketing as part of their Everywhere Political campaign.

They sent 5,000 postcards to their provided list prior to the early voting deadline and hit the same list with another 5,000 postcards right before election day, ensuring when the recipient went to vote they would recognize Twanna Henderson on the ballot.

The Results

Historic win in the election for Mint Hill Town Commissioner!

Twanna Henderson won the election!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other political campaigns!