The postcard design used a large image as the focal point. It was a picture of a model smiling and wearing stylish glasses. The headline read, “Better Vision. Better Life.” They used bright blue and green to create an eye-catching visual appeal, and featured discounts of 35% off a second pair of glasses and 25% off any pair of sunglasses. These were very attractive offers, which got their company a lot of leads.

The Situation

Dr. Jeffrey L. Morrill & Associates felt they weren’t getting enough exposure to local, potential patients. Head optometrist, Dr. Morrill, wasn’t getting many opportunities to bring in new patients, because his phone wasn’t ringing enough for his liking. Any small business needs that phone to ring with interested callers on the other end, and health professionals like optometrists are no exception. He decided to consult with our marketing experts to create a plan to bring in more leads.

The Solution

After going through his options, he decided to go with a regularly scheduled postcard campaign that would be mailed to 6,000 potential patients every other month. After two mailings he realized this strategy had even more potential by adding some additional features found in our new marketing product DirectMail2.0. He made the switch to a full DirectMail2.0 campaign along the same schedule. The features his campaign added were mail tracking, automated Google online ads and call tracking (to measure his response). He has sent 3 more scheduled mailings since he made the switch, and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. You’ll see why in just a second. His postcards are mailed to an EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) list, which is comprised of every house on selected mail carrier routes. With a specialty like optometry, his services are widely appealing, so hitting every house near his practice is a cost-efficient way to get his message out to the community. This kind of a list also helps him establish his brand in the community, since he is getting exposure to all the potential patients in the area.

The Results

We generated 135 calls from our postcard mailings!

Now let’s explain why our optometrist friend has been thrilled with his DirectMail2.0 campaigns. He has received 135 calls from interested potential patients SO FAR. He wanted new leads, and he’s getting them by the dozen. These calls turn into new patients, and new patients means more revenue.

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