The Situation

With an increased desire to rent houses rather than hotels among travelers, the demand for vacation rental management has increased as well and thats exactly what The Rental Assistants do. When they needed to get the word out about these services to generate leads and more clients, they chose PostcardMania to help them put together a winning direct mail campaign.

The Solution

After deciding on PostcardMania as their direct mail provider, The Rental Assistants elected to give DirectMail2.0a shot. DirectMail2.0 is a fully integrated marketing campaign that combines direct mail, mail tracking, online follow-up ads, and call tracking a package that has been proven to help businesses get the most out of their marketing investment. They kept the design simple and bright, which helps to attract the attention of prospects. The copy on the card is minimalenough to provide the necessary details, but not so much that prospects would get distracted with useless information. Straight and to the point! With this postcard in mind, The Rental Assistants provided a list of 3,000 records, to which we mailed to twice.

The Results

When all was said and done, The Rental Assistants received 24 calls from their mailings, while their online follow-up ads made a total of 286,447 impressions with 162 clicks back to their website! If only half thats right, HALF of those calls turned into a closed sale wherein the prospect purchased their services for 3 months, it means The Rental Assistants made $8,640. Talk about a successful marketing campaign, right!?

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