The Situation

Since 1981, Dan Rs Automotive has been fixing up vehicles and keeping families in the Oregon, Ohio area safely on the road with their repair services. However, Dan Rs recently decided it was time to bring in some more clientsboth old and new! With this in mind, they opted for PostcardManias DirectMail2.0 service.

The Solution

Even though Dan R’s mechanics have seen numerous clients over the years, they decided that reactivating some of their old clients wasnt enough; they wanted more new clients. Dan R’s provided us with a mailing list of 6000 which was composed of prospects and current clients. For the next six weeks, they had us mail out 1000 cards at a time until all 6000 had been mailed to. The postcard design itself was bright and featured 7 different promotions for their potential clients, and while you dont have to include that many options, we do recommend including at least one or two, as it is a great method to draw people in.

The Results

The response has been good and we still have clients bringing them in! So far weve generated about $14,400.

Due to these 6 mailings, Dan Rs generated 1,300 people who visited their website, and 48 phone calls! Overall, the campaign cost Dan R’s $3,672.93 which gave them an immediate marketing ROI (return on investment) of 392%!

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