The Situation

Located in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale Imaging provides digital X-rays, open MRIs, bone density scans and other medical imaging services. They called PostcardMania for help attracting more patients to their facility.

The Solution

Sunnyvale Imaging and our consultants decided on an integrated strategy that would reach a large number of prospects and provide the repetition that is so important to any marketing campaign.

It started with a direct mail postcard that was designed to get results:

  • Bright colors – blue and orange – grabs the prospects attention
  • The main graphic of a doctor looking at X-rays immediately tells recipients what the card is about
  • A bulleted list shows recipients the breadth of their offerings at a glance
  • The call to action (CTA) in a completely different color from the rest of the card really stands out and encourages prospects to call

The postcard went out to 36,000 prospects in the Sunnyvale, CA area.

Armed with the knowledge that most people will visit a companys website before deciding to call or do business with them, Sunnyvale Imaging purchased a DirectMail2.0 campaign. With DirectMail2.0, any prospects who visited their website and left without taking action saw the imaging centers follow-up ads over and over again, all across the Google network of websites.

The Results

117 interested potential patients!

Using their DirectMail2.0 dashboard, Sunnyvale Imaging was able to see that over the course of their campaign, 5,200 interested prospects visited their website! Their Google follow-up ads were shown to those people 396,331 times, resulting in 117 clicks back to their site!

CSID: 3806