Case Study: Dashing Design Draws Dental Dollars

Parmer Oaks Dental Care

Case Study: Dashing Design Draws Dental DollarsGoal: Bring in more patients.


Postcard Design: Parmer Oaks Dental Care has been a PostcardMania customer since 2006 with consistent postcard marketing success. Recently the practice printed 12,000 jumbo postcards featuring a welcome to the neighborhood letter explaining the experience and services the dental practice offers to families.

The design itself can play a huge part in generating response, so let’s take a look at the successful design elements of this campaign.

The design is simple, yet inviting and very fitting for their targeted demographic, families that recently moved. The design features a candid image of the dentist and his family which gives the reader a personal connection and creates a comfort level with the office. The message is straightforward leaving space on the front and back for the very attractive offer of Complimentary Professional Teeth Whitening. In this economy, an offer is even more important than in the past and creates a hot button to call.

Mailing List: For this campaign, Parmer Oaks Dental Care ordered a list of new movers within the last 30 days in four zip codes surrounding their dental office.

Mailing Schedule: The campaign consisted of 12,000 postcards — with monthly mailings to a list of 1000-1500 contacts. Their list count various monthly based on the amount of new movers in their area.


“PostcardMania is superior to any other marketing we’ve done in the past. You do everything for us and we love the ease of it. We were looking for a high quality mail piece that would bring us results and you have delivered!”
— Teri M., office manger, Parmer Oaks Dental Care

Each mailing, they receive 15-20 calls and book on average 6 appointments per month plus appointments referred by patients that have received this postcard. Since 2006, they have received over 500 qualified leads. 

Campaign Cost: 12,000 postcards, printed, addressed and mailed, postage included = $4508

Sales from Leads Generated: $2832 per patient x 54 patients = $152,928

ROI (Return on Investment): $152,928 Return / $4508 Investment = 3,392% Return on Investment.

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