DirectMail 2.0 Case Studies

Century 21 Case Study

Industry: Real Estate
Result: 54 unique phone calls and over 1,800 clicks through to their website
Financial Advisor Postcard Marketing Idea

Denver Wealth Advisors Financial Service Case Study

Industry: Financial Services
Result: After mailing only 1,000 cards - 12 unique phone calls and over 2,000 website clicks!
Dental Office Postcard Idea

Kingsburg Family Dental Case Study

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 254 phone calls!
Dental Appointment Cards

Sam Cowherd DDS Family Dentistry

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 319 prospect calls!
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Borealis Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 143% increase in monthly new patients
Advertise Real Estate

Knight Homes

Industry: Real Estate
Result: 219 potential buyers inquired after 6000 postcards were mailed!
Dental Online Marketing

Hutchins Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 77 calls!
Dentist Direct Mail

Carolina Dentistry At The State Line

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 93 calls
Dental Office Postcards

Dentistry For Today

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 45 calls!
Business Services Marketing


Industry: Business Services
Result: 103 interested leads!
Dental Marketing Plan

Sheri Glazer DDS

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 206 interested prospective patients!
Medical Services Marketing

Sunnyvale Imaging

Industry: Medical Services
Result: 117 interested potential patients!
Promote Plumbing Company

Pit Stop Portable Restrooms

Industry: Plumbing
Result: 4 new jobs!
Roofing Ads Examples

Wood Street Builders

Industry: Roofing
Result: 4-5 times in revenue what they spent on the campaign!
How To Market Construction

Atlanta Home Designers

Industry: Construction
Result: 895% return on investment!
Dentist Postcards

Arcadia Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 906% return on investment!
Advertising For Roofing Companies

Crest Exteriors

Industry: Roofing
Result: 30 new roofing jobs!
Advertisement For Dance Classes

Atlantic Coast Academy Of Dance

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics
Dental Office Marketing

Dr. Michael Pierquet

Industry: Dental Services
Promote Insurance

Goodrich & Watson

Industry: Insurance
We Buy Houses Postcard Template

Equity Resource

Industry: Real Estate
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Affinity Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: Doubled their practice! Now sees about 75 new patients per month!
Promote A Medical Clinic

Accounts Receivable Concepts

Industry: Medical Services
Beauty Services Advertising

Nicole Frontera

Industry: Beauty Services
Dental Reminder Postcards

McLoud Family Dentistry

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 84 calls to their office from interested prospective patients!
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Talbert Insurance

Industry: Insurance
Result: After our first mailing, one of the first accounts we sold was over $150,000
Real Estate Investor Postcards

Solid Rock Properties, LLC

Industry: Real Estate
Result: They received 16 phone calls and had 150 people visit their website.
Advertisement Ideas For School

ABC Spectrum Preschool

Industry: Education
Result: 8 new students from 2700 postcards!
School Marketing Plan

Dobson Academy

Industry: Education
Result: Enrolled 7 new students right away, with a tuition of $5000 per year!
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D’Valda & Sirico Dance And Music Centre

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics
Result: We found that postcards have been really fantastic for us, because we can target exactly who we want to send the message to.
House Cleaning Marketing Ideas


Industry: Cleaning Services
Result: DomesticAide received 21 calls and 12 new clients!
Home Services Advertisment

Williams & Bay Pumping Services

Industry: Home Services
Result: We experienced a stronger economy and I feel continuing effects of our ongoing campaign that helped produce a better response.
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North Broad Family Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: $37,000 a month in gross revenue directly from the postcards.
Landscaper Marketing Ideas


Industry: Landscaping
Result: Dreamscapes brought in $7,000 in immediate revenue
Get New Transportation Clients

The Cycle Shop

Industry: Transportation
Result: The Cycle Shop received 145 unique phone calls!
Dental Online Marketing Case Study

34Th Street Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 46 calls received so far!
Promote Prom Wear

Top Hat Tuxedo

Industry: Formalwear
Result: They received 77 unique phone calls with the average cost of a rental at $141 each
Home Services Marketing


Industry: Home Services
Result: With DirectMail2.0, GutterBrush received 80 new leads!
B2B Marketing Ideas

Greg Hagopian

Industry: Business Services
Result: The law office received 75 calls and 1,000 website visitors
Market A Transportation Company

Truck ECM

Industry: Transportation
Result: Truck ECM received 38 phone calls and 233,485 online ad impressions which resulted in 241 click-backs to their website
Swimming Pool Company Advertisement

Symbiont Service

Industry: Pools
Result: $353,607 in sales came directly from PostcardMania
Dental Web Marketing Ideas

Prairie Hawk Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: DirectMail2.0 makes measuring success soooo much easier!
Leasing Advertising Ideas

The Rental Assistants

Industry: Rental/Leasing
Result: The Rental Assistants received 24 calls from their mailings, while their online follow-up ads made a total of 286,447 impressions
Auto Repair Postcard Design

Dan R’s Automotive

Industry: Automotive Repair
Auto Sales Advertisement

Mobility Works

Industry: Automotive Sales
Dental Marketing Campaign

Riverside Family Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: We generated $16,000 from our postcard marketing!
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Patuxent Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: Were getting roughly 2,000 new patients a year
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Avalon School Of Music

Industry: Education
Result: $5,418 in new revenue each month!
Optometry Marketing Ideas

Dr. Jeffrey L. Morrill And Associates

Industry: Optometry
Result: We generated 135 calls from our postcard mailings!
Film Conversion Marketing Ideas

In A Blink Productions

Industry: Photography
Result: We brought in $4,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!
Dental Web Marketing Ideas

Randy Nolf DDS

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 136 calls and 160 website visitors generated from the postcards!
Private School Marketing Ideas

Annapolis Christian Academy

Industry: Education
Result: Added 820 prospects to our online follow-up list!
Financial Services Marketing Ideas

InnoVest Financial Services

Industry: Financial Services
Result: The follow-up ads convinced 250 website visitors to return to our site!
Beauty Pageant Marketing Ideas

Houston Beauty Pageant Company

Industry: Other
Result: Added 1,900 prospects to their online follow-up list!
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