13 Awesome HVAC Postcards That Have Generated $258,040 In Revenue

hvac postcards

Hey HVAC business owners! Want ready-to-go HVAC marketing postcards you can send your clients and prospects to remind them for service?

Check out these 13 HVAC direct mail designs you can customize for your business:

1. HVAC postcards that generate $258,040 in sales

You may be surprised how much HVAC postcards can boost your bottom line — in fact:

My client Climate Master Mechanical Contractors use an HVAC advertising strategy as follows:

  • Each year they mail out 2 different postcards
  • One for winter, and one for summer
  • And they mail 6,000 HVAC postcards to their own customer list.

With $258,040 in sales, you could say their HVAC marketing plan WORKS.

Here’s an HVAC direct mail design you can send:

heating and cooling postcards

You can see one of the designs they used here.

2. Receive 300 responses (and $12k in revenue) from your HVAC direct mail

My client Morgner Air Conditioning and Heating wanted to send HVAC postcards to their list of 6,000 customers and new prospects, so we set up a one-time mailing to remind everyone of winter service needs!

Their results?

They received 300 responses and generated $12,000 in revenue from this campaign alone!

Here’s an HVAC direct mail design you can send:

heating postcards

3. Get a 2,655% return on your investment using HVAC marketing postcards

My client AAA Heating Air Conditioning booked a whopping 250 jobs from mailing HVAC postcards, which were designed to remind customers to get their heating and cooling units serviced.

You can see the design they used here, and here’s a ready-to-go heating and cooling postcard you can customize to your business:

heating and cooling postcards

4. Promote seasonal tune-ups to generate $12,494 in revenue

My client RepairUSA received a return on investment of 839% from mailing their HVAC marketing postcards.

You can read their mailing strategy here!

Here’s an HVAC postcard you can customize for your business:

hvac marketing postcards

5. Send service reminders to book 310 new jobs

One of my clients purchased a mailing list containing 42,000 addresses with the following demographics:

  • SFDU (Single Family Dwelling Units)
  • MFDU (Multiple-Family Dwelling Units)
  • All built between 1978 and 2003.

They sent out 7 separate mailings of 6,000 postcards each so that their prospects saw their HVAC advertising consistently over time.

Here’s a similar HVAC direct mail design you can send:

hvac marketing postcards

6. Boost your bottom line by $15,000 with your HVAC marketing plan

My client LJ Refrigeration spent just under $3,000 on their air conditioning marketing, yet…

They ended up generating over $15,000 in sales!

That’s a 556% return on investment from mailing HVAC postcards.

Here’s a similar design you can send:

AC Advertising

7. Generate $30,000 in revenue from sending HVAC postcards

My client American Home Heating and Air wanted to reach out to their customer base to remind them to make check-up appointments before winter and summer hit.

One of the best HVAC marketing strategies is to target each season with a new HVAC postcard design.

After sending 4,000 HVAC postcards seasonally, this company generated $30,000 in revenue.

Here are 2 seasonable HVAC postcard designs you can send:

hvac direct mailheating postcards

8. Get $10,000 in revenue from sending HVAC marketing postcards

Aspire Heating and Cooling wanted to stay at the forefront of their prospects’ minds throughout the upcoming winter season, and throughout the year…

So they purchased a laser-targeted mailing list of 6,000 records that consisted of the following demographics:

  • Single-family homes
  • With an income of $50,000 or more
  • Built prior to 2009
  • And located in select zip codes.
hvac marketing ideas

From just those 6,000 cards…

Aspire Heating and Cooling has already received 13 calls and grossed about $10,000 in revenue in just 2 weeks from their HVAC postcards.

9. More than TRIPLE your customers with heating and cooling postcards

Taconic Heating Cooling adopted a 2-step heating marketing strategy which produced these results:

  • A 60% increase in sales
  • And from 4,500 customers to over 14,000.

Here’s how that did it:

  1. They mailed HVAC postcards to their current customers encouraging them to make annual maintenance and check-up appointments, and then: 
  2. They used targeted mailing lists to go after quality leads they could turn into new clients.

You can watch their case study video here.

And here’s a design you can send as one of your HVAC marketing strategies:

heating postcards

10. Add Facebook and Google ads for $8,400 in revenue

My client Give Back HVAC received 17 phone calls and converted 14 to new customers using coordinated offline-online marketing for hvac companies.

By sending HVAC postcards to prospects, plus showing them matching Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads at the SAME time, prospects saw their heating advertising everywhere, generating these results:

  • Ads on Facebook seen by 8,452 people
  • Google ads seen by 34,661 people
  • 210 people clicked through to their website
  • $4,000 in immediate revenue
  • Projected income of $8,400 annually for continued service

We call this marketing program Everywhere Small Business.

hvac marketing postcards

11. Get a 60% response rate from your HVAC marketing plan

Hightower Service, Inc. wanted to use an HVAC postcard marketing strategy to simply remind their current customers that their heating units were going to need a check-up before the winter season.

After sending out 6,000 of these HVAC postcards seasonally, they deduced they receive a 60% response rate from their HVAC postcards.

heating and cooling postcards

12. Receive 33 calls from your HVAC direct mail campaign

My client Olson Comfort generated 33 calls from sending HVAC postcards to new leads on a mailing list they purchased.

You can see the exact HVAC direct mail design they mailed here.

Here’s a design you can customize to your business:

heating postcards

Your mailing list is the main dish of your lead generation so DON’T skimp on it.

We guarantee at least 90% deliverability of your direct mail, and so should ANY good mailing list provider, FYI.

Get 1,000 FREE records to start your campaign.

If you have ANY questions about growing your HVAC business or Everywhere Small Business, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help is 100% FREE!



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