The Situation

Bethany Air is an HVAC wholesaler in Edgewater, MD. The company, which is family owned and operated, needed to increase annual revenue, so they reached out to PostcardMania for their marketing needs.

The Solution

Bethany Air mailed 1,246 postcards to a mailing list of HVAC contractors. The postcard had the following features:

  • An offer for a $100 Visa gift card with a purchase of an HVAC system
  • A positive five-star review
  • A strong call to action in a bold and bright color – grabbing the recipient’s attention


The Results

They achieved an ROI of 1,185%!

As a result of this postcard campaign, Bethany Air received 3 responses and converted all of them. These 3 new customers brought in $30,000 in revenue, which is a return on investment of 1,185%.

Bethany Air has continued their direct mail campaign and has been mailing out 1,200 postcards every month.

CSID: 51696