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The Situation

LJ Refrigeration wanted to jump on the opportunity that their customers would need a heater safety and efficiency checkup before the winter season. They weren’t worried about marketing towards new clients (I’ll explain why in a sec), they just wanted to get a head start during this seasonal change and did they ever!

The Solution

One successful marketing approach we recommend for HVAC companies is to market to existing customers seasonally. Not only will you drive tune-up service sales, you’ll build a relationship with current customers that makes them more likely to choose you for all of their future HVAC needs. (This is called brand loyalty, and you want it!) LJ Refrigeration mailed to a list they provided of 6,000 client records. Their postcard showcased:

– Familiar faces and their company van instantly recognizable to current customers.

– An uncluttered design that gets right to the point.

– A strong call to action and an offer with a set expiration date (to convey some urgency).

A key to success for postcard marketing is REPETITION. LJ Refrigeration works with PostcardMania three to four times a year to send out postcards and the numbers haven’t let them down yet!

The Results

By spending just under $3,000, they ended up generating over $15,000 in sales!

You know who was ready for the winter season? LJ Refrigeration and 120 of their customers! By spending just under $3,000, they ended up generating over $15,000 in sales! That’s a 556% return on investment for these postcard marketing veterans.