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One postcard featured a large cartoon graphic of a man sweating and looking exhausted. The other featured a large cartoon graphic of a man shivering and looking miserably cold. On the back, both cards laid out what American Home Heating and Air could offer homeowners, such as guaranteed repairs and reduced operation costs for furnaces and air conditioners. Both cards also emphasized a $35 discount on repairs.

The Situation

American Home Heating and Air is an HVAC company based in St. Charles, MO. They wanted to reach out to their customers to remind them to make check-up appointments before both of the important heating and cooling seasons: winter and summer but they needed some fresh HVAC marketing ideas. They consulted with our marketing team to see how to best approach this marketing effort.

The Solution

Our team of marketing experts devised a strategy to target each season with a new postcard. These were sent in two bursts, preceding their respective seasons, to the 4,000 customers in their database.

The Results

$30,000+ in revenue from mailing only 4,000 postcards!

American Home Heating and Air love what our HVAC marketing ideas have done for them: We mail our own list of approximately 4,000 customers. Of those, we usually end up setting appointments with about 8-10 percent. In revenue on just the service call that amounts to approximately $30,000.00. That is not counting any ancillaries such as humidifier pads, filters, etc. Ive been quite satisfied with PostcardMania. Anna Huggins and the rest of the people that handle my order are really good at their jobs and stay on top of it until its ready to mail. Thats the biggest reason I use PostcardMania to handle my mailings. I also think that the pricing is very competitive and I will continue to use PostcardMania.