PostcardMania Reviews & Complaints – 134 Actual Client Experiences

Is PostcardMania reliable? Read 134 clients actual experiences doing campaigns with them.

We have 13 new patients on the book for this week...and it's only Monday! We are poised to have another highest ever week!
Advanced Center For Physical The
We have received a 12% response rate on the cards we ordered. This means we'll bill around $52,560 just off the campaign. The design of the cards have a lot to do with our response rate.
Carolina Carpet Cleaning Of The Midlands, Inc.
I was busy before but now I'm swamped! I must have done like 50 estimates from the first round and still getting calls. I've easily made over $30,000 on the first round!
Canto Construction
Closed 107 homeowners policies so far!
Tim Morris Insurance Agency
We tracked 75 new patients from the cards so far, generating $58,000. However, this is a very conservative estimate because we made a conscious effort to only attach the card to one patient per family.  Many of the patients that visited then scheduled their families and told their friends about us, which generated much more dentistry for us! The cards have been a great hand-out as well in our neighborhood shops and restaurants. I would estimate that we have over 150 patients in our office as a result of the cards, direct or indirect. They worked great!
Northstar Family Dental
We ordered 6,000 postcards from PostcardMania a few weeks ago. We sent out the first 1,000 on Friday. Today (Monday) is the first day that the postcards would hit mailboxes. As of 4:30 pm on Monday, we have received FOUR phone calls already! Thanks a ton!
Ariel Capital, LLC
The postcards arrived in a timely manner and they look absolutely great! I really enjoy working with you and PostcardMania. Everyone is very friendly and easy to work with. The website is easy to navigate and very handy as a reference source as well. I have recommended your services to other vendors and will continue to do so. I appreciate your great service, your great prices and the terrific quality. Thanks!
A Spice Of Life Even Center
Our response was great! We had 147 redeemed out of 4500 mailed. We always mail postcards to our customer base before our Open Houses. You mailed them for us! Revenue generated was $12,500. I am thrilled with PostcardMania!
Mary & Martha Home Accents
In our campaign with PostcardMania, we distributed coupons for the customers to use. We chose not to keep the coupons and gave them back to the customers to use until the expiration date. I am aware that several customers used the cards four or more times. Our company was able to track hundreds of responses and generate several thousand dollars.
The Neighborhood Jeweler
In January we had 81 new patients and in February 75. Prior to using the postcard we were getting maybe 40 new patients a month. So we have basically doubled new patients since we started using this program. As for money, it more than pays for itself.
Dr. Amit Khanna
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