PostcardMania Chiropractic Reviews & Complaints: 4 Client Reviews

The cards were great! Have already received calls regarding them! Thanks for everything!
Newton Family Chiropractic
Hagen Chiropractic Ltd.
I'm very happy with the postcards and business cards that you have done for me. I get a lot of compliments on them.
Capital City Chiropractic
To the Group @ PostcardMania:

I have sent out four postcard mailings from Mattingly Chiropractic [using postcards from somewhere other than PostcardMania] to our surrounding neighborhood residences and businesses. We had no direct response but I doggedly sent out postcards!

Last Wednesday PostcardMania sent out my first 2000 postcards. Friday I got a response to the PostcardMania mailing. Today, I got the sample packet of my postcards done by PostcardMania. Now I know why the sudden response. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

The quality paper is great - strong & "starched". Its shiny surface stands out, the color choice is striking. Overall it's beautiful, eye-catching & made me totally excited.

Thank you so much for your professional and high quality approach to my needs. I'm excited!
Goldie Goldwasser
Mattingly Chiropractic
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