PostcardMania Pool Service Reviews & Complaints: 2 Client Reviews

We've gotten about 20 responses, resulting in approximately $5000 in new recurring business. Thank you PostcardMania!
Four Seasons Pool & Spa
This round of postcards is producing solid results. We have set up quite a few jobs for customers from our normal database. We have also added quite a few new customers from our newest mailing list. The postcards have produced quite a bit more money than they cost to mail already and it is very early in our season. We anticipate quite a few more calls in response to our latest mailing. We have received about twenty calls from new clients, with nine or ten new jobs resulting. The other calls needed services our company does not provide. We have yielded much more profit this year compared to last year. I believe that is a direct result of our most recent postcard campaign. We are very pleased with your company and have even referred friends to PostcardMania. Thanks!
AAA Pool & Spa
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