PostcardMania Miscellaneous Reviews & Complaints: 22 Client Reviews

Hi Susan--

Our open house postcards from you were great! Thank you so much! We ended up having our best day of sales...ever! And thats just the start of the season!

Thanks you so much!
WaterMark Stationers
Hi Gilma,

The service was fantastic and the print quality was superior.

Thanks for a great job!
Don Wentworth
Creative Services Of New England
I wanted to thank you and the team of people that worked with me at Postcardmania. I really feel that my message and plans for the town resonated with voters and I know that the postcard mailing helped get my message out right before the election. During the day on election day, a number of voters shared with me that they had the postcard on their refrigerator to remind them to vote for me and I also saw many with postcards in their pockets on election day.
Suzanna Alba
Hey Nick I'm so excited and impressed with the design of my card. My cards mailed out Monday and my phone has rung nonstop. This is great! Thank you guys!
We had 156 customers at an average sale of $205.13. We netted over $32,000!
David Barry
David Barry's Tall & Big
We have received 132 responses directly with requests for samples of Fruit 66. What we don't know is the untold number that contacted their local distributors directly to begin ordering Fruit 66. We saw a spike in sales activity for our new non-carbonated flavors (the ones being announced via the postcard) to the point where we ran out of stock on one of the flavors. In addition, we've added two new distributors and are negotiating with two more. All told, this has generated business around $7,000 so far.
4U2U Brands, LLC
We have been consistently mailing 1,000 postcards per week with PostcardMania for the last 49 weeks. When we started working with them our sales were averaging around $37,000 per week. Sales have since been going up week after week and we recently had our highest ever of $76,000 in a single week! I know that the postcard mailings played a large role in the expansion of our business.

I am certainly a good example of the success of consistent, repeat postcard mailings!

I wouldn't trust my mailings to anyone else.
Roger Noll
Ready Express
FYI...the newer larger postcards with more copy in the front just started going out this year. The response has been much better! I usually get 1-2 calls per month. In February 5 calls already.
Epstein Practice Brokerage Inc.
Got 18 calls from the first 2,000! This is the wave of the future!
Chris Munn
Budget Movers
My cards look great and I'm receiving many calls for my service. I really appreciate the great service and fantastic product.
Mower Tune
The response to our postcards has been good so far, considering that the economy has been so poor. I'm still getting calls from the past mailings!
American Home Cleaning Services
In the first week of the mailing, we've made at least $3,000 off leads from the postcards. And they keep coming in!
Merrill Axle And Wheel Service
After mailing out only half the cards we purchased, we made back over double what we paid for them.
Guardian Protection
From the first 2 mailings we booked 42 jobs, some totaling over $800 per job.
Haugland Bros.
We sent out 8,000 postcards and got 29 new customers!
Personal Touch Tours
We have received a 12% response rate on the cards we ordered. This means we'll bill around $52,560 just off the campaign. The design of the cards have a lot to do with our response rate.
Carolina Carpet Cleaning Of The Midlands, Inc.
I was busy before but now I'm swamped! I must have done like 50 estimates from the first round and still getting calls. I've easily made over $30,000 on the first round!
Canto Construction
I enjoy working with Amy and Michelle. Everyone that I've spoken with is great and very helpful. I've been tempted to use lower cost competitors but your great service keeps me coming back! Thank you ... it's hard to find companies that care about businesses who are small beans in the realm of things.
Troy Critchfield
Residential Art, Inc

We have had a great response, as usual, with this card. We are looking at a total of 90+ people that have made reservations so far.
Garvin Yee
Marketing is like trying to start a forest fire. Small business can only afford so many matches. PostcardMania has been a great partner that has helped our 'fire' grow.
Goodbye Crutches
Our close rate increased by 10% after our e-mail marketing campaign. We closed approximately 300 additional accounts in 8 months. Considering the lifetime value of each customer, that's a revenue increase of $900,000.
Commerce Payments
We just received the brochures today and they look great! Your team did an awesome job and we're very satisfied with our campaigns. Should we need any further marketing projects we'll be sure to contact you again in the future. Thanks again.
The Inn On The Boulevard
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