PostcardMania Insurance Reviews & Complaints: 11 Client Reviews

The Postcards worked well. The response was good and we will continue to get calls for weeks. Great Job!
J. M.
McCall Insurance
Robby, Happy Friday. We were extremely pleased with the whole process. You guys are very streamlined and the process couldn't have been easier! We got a few of the samples a couple of days ago and honestly, they look better than I expected. Trust me, if we do another mailer I'll definitely be tracking you down!
Gulf Coast Insurance
Thanks for your time and information regarding the direct mailing program I am thinking about. I'm in the health insurance business where customer service is very important. I want to compliment you on your helpfulness in answering my questions, and talking about your program. You were terrific and I appreciate it.
M. K.
We are entering our third month of mailing postcards to a specific target market and are glad to report that we have already paid for all the expenses related to the postcards.
T. C.
Friedman Associate
Hi Amanda, I recieved the proof and you have taken our message and turned it into a work of art.
Camelot Insurance Agency
Closed 107 homeowners policies so far!
Tim Morris Insurance Agency
We wrote 100 policies off of sending only 6,000 postcards!
Dan De Soto
The campaign is more than paying for itself.
Infinity Corporate Insurance
I am writing this letter to compliment the team at!!!!I was a little skeptical in the beginning, ordering cards at such a great price I thought it was too good to be true! You proved me wrong, and it is such a joy to work with an organization that I can conduct business with and have a little fun on the phone every time......You have done a great job, and you have also obtained a long term customer, you have taken 'price' out of the picture when you offer such superb service to your clients. Thank you and I look forward to my next delivery that I ordered today!!!!
Lademan & Lademan
Our business has increased by around 30% since we started using the postcards. We are very pleased with the response and business that we have received since using the postcards as a marketing tool.
James Frizzell Farmers Insurance
We have been able to take the advice given by your company and mail several different things to customers we have been trying to gain extra business from. It is working... Our appointment schedule has more than doubled.
A. G.
Meade Insurance Agency, Inc.
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