PostcardMania Remodeling Reviews & Complaints: 9 Client Reviews

I got my first call for an outdoor kitchen today. I quoted the couple and we have a budget of about $25,000 to work with. I am extremely happy and can't wait for my next call. Thanks for all your help.
Designer Outdoor Kitchens
Amy, thanks for all the excellent work from PostcardMania!!!! We recently mailed out 15,000 postcards and received over 200 serious calls... the design of the postcard is awesome...
Jack Kellerman
Kellerman Kitchen And Bath
Your postcard design is absolutely fantastic! I tried to convey my message in your design brief to the best of my ability. You without a doubt listened and visualized as if it was your own company.
Concept Roofing
3 calls from first 60 cards in 2 days, they catch the eye!!
Toni Cina
All Exterior
The job I sold this morning is from a postman who delivered a bunch of our postcards - didn't get a card himself, but called us anyway! Really cool guy. His job is $13,000!
Tri City Sprinklers
Thanks to all your good work, my phone is ringing off the hook!
Chi Wright
Our response was great! We had 147 redeemed out of 4500 mailed. We always mail postcards to our customer base before our Open Houses. You mailed them for us! Revenue generated was $12,500. I am thrilled with PostcardMania!
Mary & Martha Home Accents
PostcardMania has been an important contributor to our growth and success at The Kitchen Guild. They are incredibly responsive and bring a wide variety of talents and resources to the table. Their expertise in marketing, their commitment to their clients growth and the care-factor they demonstrate is a rare quality in business today. They are successful because they help other businesses achieve prosperity. Since mid 2004, PostcardMania has been an integral part of our success - I cannot imagine that we would be where we are without them.
Jim M
The Kitchen Guild
I am really happy with the response, happy enough that I have cancelled my radio ad and will be devoting more money to direct mailings. Thank you for your help, and know that every person I have dealt with at PostcardMania has been wonderful.
Bob Roberson
Bullfrog Pools & Decks Inc.
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