PostcardMania Physical Therapy Reviews & Complaints: 6 Client Reviews

The response has been good. It paid for itself plus some.
PRO Therapy
We have 13 new patients on the book for this week...and it's only Monday! We are poised to have another highest ever week!
Advanced Center For Physical The
I had such an incredible response to your postcards! I'm actually STILL getting calls. They've literally doubled my business and I'm so wiped out from hiring so many people that I need to take a break before I mail anymore. Great problem to have. Thank you!
Yvette Vandiver
Prodigy Medical
In July 2004, I first heard of the company, PostcardMania at a seminar at Measurable Solutions. My company had already been doing many mail outs to the general community, etc. so we decided to keep all mailings in-house and not outsourcing because of high cost and hassle. It wasn't until I was managing the Public Relations department did we explore using PostcardMania for postcard mailings to our community.

To my surprise, and I think everyone else's, we would actually save money and hit a direct area of business that we wanted to see as new patients in our physical therapy clinics. Instead of mailing to the mass media like we had in the recent past, we were directing who, what and where we wanted to send our mailings. We saw such an increase of new patient calls within the first month of mailing that we could not keep up with the demand. We actually have a waiting list of 87 new patients that we are currently hiring therapists for, because of THIS kind of marketing. PostcardMania made our already successful marketing mailers, also efficient, effective, and absolutely stress free. Our's is a true success story because of their organization.
Denise L. Wise
Cypress Creek Therapy Assoc.
Everyone was very helpful and everything was done on time as promised.
Anodyne Therapy
Since Dec. 1 the new patient stats are up. We are doing something right. Thanks and keep up the good work.
CORE Physical Therapy
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