PostcardMania Financial & Accounting Reviews & Complaints: 13 Client Reviews

I wanted to share with you how wonderful PostcardMania has been, with a previous practice I was with in Ohio we watched our numbers do well. Now I am helping a new Dental practice start out, and my first thought was PostcardMania!
J. F.
Kim, Just to let you know I was notified that last Monday the postcards were to be sent out and today, Thursday, we have received our first phone call with a patient schduling a TMJ consult. I think this is a great quick result.Thanks for your help in this marketing adventure and kudo's again to the graphics department as well as the whole gang there who have made this go so smoothly.
Dan Jenkins DDS
I made my investment back in 2 days and then doubled it in 4. This letter got to the right people and it was due to your great lists! I will never use another marketing company again.
ASAP Tax Service
Gilma, my target market are those with their home in foreclosure. My first mailing of 2300 went out several weeks ago. It generated NUMEROUS phone calls that resulted in 60% of them becoming a viable loan that will close. The following week the postcards went out to the same list. Five more calls came in, resulting in one more deal for me. I have a total of 7 active loans moving forward. The people are thankfull and thrilled that I am able to help them save their house. Total commission dollars to me as a result of the initial mailing is $50,000. (My first one closed escrow today) This week I am mailing 4500 out to a new list. You can imagine how excited I am! You guys at Postcardmania are wonderful! You are quick, responsive and professional. I enjoy working with everyone that I come in contact with. Thanks again for yor help!
Trish Wilson
Diamond Financial Services, Inc
Erica, The response from our mailing was phenomenal!!! We are booked solid...
Snoqualmie Ridge Family Dental
We had 48 attendees to our seminar.
Provided Wealth Managing
I have never written a anything to say how happy I am with a product before.  There is always a first I guess. I made my investment back in 2 days and then doubled it in 4.  This letter got to the right people and it was due to your great lists!  I will never use another marketing company again.
ASAP Tax Service
We received 75 calls, 15 new customers and over $750,000 in new deposits after mailing just 5000 cards!
American Community Bank
Gilma, thank you again for all of your assistance. The postcard has already generated about 10 orders in 2 business days! I want to thank your company for its great professionalism......we will be definitely using your company for more mailings!
Zel Saccani, JD
Saccani Legal And Business Trans
... one call that turned out to be about 20,000 billings in total... One client certainly made everything really worth while.
Jonathan Medows, MBA, CPA
After my first mailing of 2000 cards, I received one response that same week and signed this contact for $2100 per year plus $150 setup and possible back work. And if things go well, full service payroll for another $1000 per year. The second mailing of 1000 cards just hit. In summary, the worst case scenario is my postcard campaign paid for itself but I still have 1000 postcards to be mailed each month for the next three months!
N Orlando Accounting Services
Almost 200 postcards have been brought in and redeemed and our ROI on these postcards is about 130%! This campaign was a test and you passed with flying colors. The other printer/mail house I used is about $250 less per 5,000 but you blew them away with the results.
Padgett Business Services
We had never used a direct mailing service in the past. We always thought we could do it on our own and get the same response. Your company has changed all that. I was so amazed at the number of calls we have received. Your company did everything for us from the artwork, the mailing list to the mailing itself. The quality of the work was astounding. We know exactly who to call for our next one. Thank you very much. We'll be talking to you soon.
Kim Heckman
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
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