PostcardMania Dental Reviews & Complaints: 8 Client Reviews

I got 64 new patients, generating over $50,000!
John E. Regan DDS
I'm so busy and going at about 100mph. The marketing campaign has been huge and we've been busy since day 1, and we are very thankful. PostcardMania has been great to work with!
Calvin Kim DDS
Life is great. Here are my new patient numbers December 42, January 70, February 71, March 56, April 68, May 59, June 126, July 124 to date. I am very very very pleased with the direct marketing campaign!
Dr. Gary Richardson
We always get an immediate response!
Jolley Smiles
Already got 35-38 new patients out of the 1st mailing.
Atlantic Smiles
11 people have come in so far for an orthodontic evaluation off the 1st mailing.
John's Creek Orthodontics
We tracked 75 new patients from the cards so far, generating $58,000. However, this is a very conservative estimate because we made a conscious effort to only attach the card to one patient per family.  Many of the patients that visited then scheduled their families and told their friends about us, which generated much more dentistry for us! The cards have been a great hand-out as well in our neighborhood shops and restaurants. I would estimate that we have over 150 patients in our office as a result of the cards, direct or indirect. They worked great!
Northstar Family Dental
In January we had 81 new patients and in February 75. Prior to using the postcard we were getting maybe 40 new patients a month. So we have basically doubled new patients since we started using this program. As for money, it more than pays for itself.
Dr. Amit Khanna
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