PostcardMania Jeweler Reviews & Complaints: 11 Client Reviews

We had a 1.8% response rate and made $55,000 off the cards we mailed and 270 came in from sales clerks passing out to help close sales. These passed-out cards accounted for $110,000 in sales!
Freeman Jewelers
...Incredible... for the last two years we have been searching for a way to drive traffic into our store. We have tried radio , TV and even tried making our own postcards off of a printer. Still the results were lackluster. Finally a jeweler friend suggested PostcardMania. We were hesitant but we decided to try them anyway.

Here is what happened. The results from the postcards that we purchased from PostcardMania were astounding. Last May we sent out the most professional looking postcards that you have ever seen... and boy did they draw the customers in like flies. We had a 5% increase in business the first month. The second and third month produced a 33% and 57% increase in sales. We were dumbfounded. PostcardMania makes it easy to make money. You supply the ideas... they [PostcardMania] supply the know how and professional expertise to get the job done... that is, to make a lot of money.

Thank you PostcardMania.
Cal Griffin
Griffin Jewelers
Amy, we had so much success with our first mailing. We had a great response and we had the best Black Friday ever. We even had a customer come in and made a $14,000 purchase all because we sent them a postcard.
Vicky Koontz
Davids Jewelers
We mailed 12,000 postcards and generated about $10-$15,000. We were so pleased that we had to do it again. The professionalism of PostcardMania is what captured our attention.
Sabrina, the postcard mailing went great, actually much better than I had ever expected. A customer called yesterday and bought the entire postcard!!! Both Necklaces!!! And another man has ordered the top necklace for his wife for Christmas!!! I wasn't expecting to sell the postcard, only the shows on the back. Wow, what a response! Many thanks. I guess I've been missing out on a very valuable marketing tool.
Nancy Brown
Nancybrown Custom Jewelry
In our campaign with PostcardMania, we distributed coupons for the customers to use. We chose not to keep the coupons and gave them back to the customers to use until the expiration date. I am aware that several customers used the cards four or more times. Our company was able to track hundreds of responses and generate several thousand dollars.
The Neighborhood Jeweler
The company itself is very easy to work with but Sabrina makes the process very simple and she follows up on all of her orders. We have had around 40% of customers come in and say the received our postcard for our sale. The responses generated approximately $8,000 in income.
Mosiello & Sons
Hi Amy,

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with the totally professional service I have received from PostcardMania. Your attention to detail and help along the way has been great. I like that there is always someone to talk to instead of machines. Above all the quality of printing and mailing has been out standing. I couldn't be happier.
D. Copperfield Jewelers
You guys were great and it was a smooth process that allowed me to take some work off my plate. Thanks!
Torgny & Co. Jewelers
The postcards were wonderful. The quality was perfect. We have been very happy with your company and I have been telling a lot of people about your company.
David Charles Ltd.
Our postcards were a hit and we are very pleased with the response! We will be sure to recommend PostcardMania to our colleagues. Thanks again for all your help!
Tobin Jewelers
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