PostcardMania Medical Services Reviews & Complaints: 5 Client Reviews

I received 20 responses which converted to 15 consultations and 14 sign-ups with an average $3000.00 per patient totaling $42,000!
Texas Rehab
Dear Holly, We thought your company‚ĄĘs service was excellent as was all the customer service interaction, not to mention the lead times and of course a great end-user product!
Carol Dore-Falcone
Palm Harbor Medical
First off, I would like to say I love your website. I got so much info about marketing from reading your articles.

Thanks so much!
Surveen Singh
Raymond Vision Care Optometry, I
We've had a very good response. You guys are top notch and we wouldn't hesitate to work with you again.
Adobe Animal Hospital
The mailing was a huge success. We had 30-40 new patient visits, and they're still calling 1 month later. Those patients referred others as well. All in all this has been the most successful mailing we've ever done, and has outperformed all mass media venues (TV, Radio, Newspaper) we've tried about 10:1!
Global Podiatry
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