PostcardMania Reviews & Complaints – 134 Actual Client Experiences

Is PostcardMania reliable? Read 134 clients actual experiences doing campaigns with them.

The company itself is very easy to work with but Sabrina makes the process very simple and she follows up on all of her orders. We have had around 40% of customers come in and say the received our postcard for our sale. The responses generated approximately $8,000 in income.
Mosiello & Sons
Hi Amy,

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with the totally professional service I have received from PostcardMania. Your attention to detail and help along the way has been great. I like that there is always someone to talk to instead of machines. Above all the quality of printing and mailing has been out standing. I couldn't be happier.
D. Copperfield Jewelers
... one call that turned out to be about 20,000 billings in total... One client certainly made everything really worth while.
Jonathan Medows, MBA, CPA
I had such an incredible response to your postcards! I'm actually STILL getting calls. They've literally doubled my business and I'm so wiped out from hiring so many people that I need to take a break before I mail anymore. Great problem to have. Thank you!
Yvette Vandiver
Prodigy Medical
We've had a very good response. You guys are top notch and we wouldn't hesitate to work with you again.
Adobe Animal Hospital
After my first mailing of 2000 cards, I received one response that same week and signed this contact for $2100 per year plus $150 setup and possible back work. And if things go well, full service payroll for another $1000 per year. The second mailing of 1000 cards just hit. In summary, the worst case scenario is my postcard campaign paid for itself but I still have 1000 postcards to be mailed each month for the next three months!
N Orlando Accounting Services
We wrote 100 policies off of sending only 6,000 postcards!
Dan De Soto
Great Service, Fantastic People! Keep it up, I'll be back!
NovaStar Home Mortgage
I enjoy working with Amy and Michelle. Everyone that I've spoken with is great and very helpful. I've been tempted to use lower cost competitors but your great service keeps me coming back! Thank you ... it's hard to find companies that care about businesses who are small beans in the realm of things.
Troy Critchfield
Residential Art, Inc
Almost 200 postcards have been brought in and redeemed and our ROI on these postcards is about 130%! This campaign was a test and you passed with flying colors. The other printer/mail house I used is about $250 less per 5,000 but you blew them away with the results.
Padgett Business Services
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