PostcardMania Reviews & Complaints – 134 Actual Client Experiences

Is PostcardMania reliable? Read 134 clients actual experiences doing campaigns with them.

The postcards were wonderful. The quality was perfect. We have been very happy with your company and I have been telling a lot of people about your company.
David Charles Ltd.
Our goal was to get 15 new students a month. We reached that goal each month.
ActiveKidz Gymnastics
We had never used a direct mailing service in the past. We always thought we could do it on our own and get the same response. Your company has changed all that. I was so amazed at the number of calls we have received. Your company did everything for us from the artwork, the mailing list to the mailing itself. The quality of the work was astounding. We know exactly who to call for our next one. Thank you very much. We'll be talking to you soon.
Kim Heckman
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
The campaign is more than paying for itself.
Infinity Corporate Insurance
I mailed out 12,000 postcards and got about 600-700 redeemed cards back. I was expecting about 500.  There is still another week till the card expires! That's about a 5.5% response!
Ming's Restaurant
Marketing is like trying to start a forest fire. Small business can only afford so many matches. PostcardMania has been a great partner that has helped our 'fire' grow.
Goodbye Crutches
I am writing this letter to compliment the team at!!!!I was a little skeptical in the beginning, ordering cards at such a great price I thought it was too good to be true! You proved me wrong, and it is such a joy to work with an organization that I can conduct business with and have a little fun on the phone every time......You have done a great job, and you have also obtained a long term customer, you have taken 'price' out of the picture when you offer such superb service to your clients. Thank you and I look forward to my next delivery that I ordered today!!!!
Lademan & Lademan
I am really happy with the response, happy enough that I have cancelled my radio ad and will be devoting more money to direct mailings. Thank you for your help, and know that every person I have dealt with at PostcardMania has been wonderful.
Bob Roberson
Bullfrog Pools & Decks Inc.
Cards are working great! Customers like the new cards because they are easier to carry around...employees like them because they are less bulky at check-out...and the owners like them, you guessed it, because they are cheaper. Everyone at PostcardMania has been great...Mandy, Amanda, Lisa and Jim. Always a pleasure to hear from the folks at Quality Control.
The Buggy Whip Restaurant
Our business has increased by around 30% since we started using the postcards. We are very pleased with the response and business that we have received since using the postcards as a marketing tool.
James Frizzell Farmers Insurance
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