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Is PostcardMania reliable? Read 134 clients actual experiences doing campaigns with them.

In July 2004, I first heard of the company, PostcardMania at a seminar at Measurable Solutions. My company had already been doing many mail outs to the general community, etc. so we decided to keep all mailings in-house and not outsourcing because of high cost and hassle. It wasn't until I was managing the Public Relations department did we explore using PostcardMania for postcard mailings to our community.

To my surprise, and I think everyone else's, we would actually save money and hit a direct area of business that we wanted to see as new patients in our physical therapy clinics. Instead of mailing to the mass media like we had in the recent past, we were directing who, what and where we wanted to send our mailings. We saw such an increase of new patient calls within the first month of mailing that we could not keep up with the demand. We actually have a waiting list of 87 new patients that we are currently hiring therapists for, because of THIS kind of marketing. PostcardMania made our already successful marketing mailers, also efficient, effective, and absolutely stress free. Our's is a true success story because of their organization.
Denise L. Wise
Cypress Creek Therapy Assoc.
Our postcards were a hit and we are very pleased with the response! We will be sure to recommend PostcardMania to our colleagues. Thanks again for all your help!
Tobin Jewelers
The design that PostcardMania provided us for our door hangers was awesome! We've had a great response so far.
Pest Services Company
Our close rate increased by 10% after our e-mail marketing campaign. We closed approximately 300 additional accounts in 8 months. Considering the lifetime value of each customer, that's a revenue increase of $900,000.
Commerce Payments
John, couldn't be happier! Product and print price are both outstanding.
1St USA Mortgage Corp.
Thank you sooooo much for all that your incredible staff are doing to make our menu a true work of art! I am very proud of the product - it is obvious that your design team is totally committed to customer satisfaction and it is very much appreciated. I cannot wait to show off your beautiful works! Thank you so much for all of your help and support!
Ana, thank you, so far it has been a pleasure dealing with every team member. I wish all my relations were this easy! Postcards DO work!!! ...take the kudos you all deserve.
We have been able to take the advice given by your company and mail several different things to customers we have been trying to gain extra business from. It is working... Our appointment schedule has more than doubled.
A. G.
Meade Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dear Alexis,

This is my success story. I wanted to reach new people that live in my city for my business... I have a Curves, which is a women's fitness facility... I worked with your design team and came up with a great card... I bought a list from your company and was ready to mail... The cards went out the week before we moved. It was perfect. We have already received over 20 new clients with the cards, which is a better response than any other advertiser that I have used! I am currently working with your design team to send out some more...Thanks so much for all your help and support. I really appreciate your efficiency...

Thanks again!
Everyone was very helpful and everything was done on time as promised.
Anodyne Therapy
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