Unique Marketing Products Add a Special Flair

Whenever we find something that can help increase response rate we try to add it to our list of services. Here are a few recent additions that can help give your mailing that extra kick!

Landing Pages

Want to be more web savvy and increase your response rate? We can handle that for you! Landing Pages capture customer information and help better track your direct mail campaigns.

Logo Design

You need to get promo out but it also needs to look very professional. A professionally designed logo can help you accomplish that goal and make you really stand out in a prospect’s mind.


Make your message “hang around” longer with the addition of a magnetic strip. Put something on your promo piece that is useful for your prospect, such as a calendar, a list of emergency numbers or a sports schedule. Your card will be sure to end up on the fridge and have a better chance of getting a response in the future.

Sticky Notes

Put a sticky note on your postcard mailing! Get noticed with this great new service. These Post-It Notes® are specifically designed to go through the mail and will grab attention when printed with your custom message. Use a handwriting font to make it look less formal or make a great offer really stand out.

Scratch-Off Labels

Add an interactive element to your postcards with scratch-off labels. It used to be difficult and expensive to use this type of promotion, but thanks to new technology we can offer it to you at a reasonable cost. Have a contest, cover your specials… whatever you can imagine! Our scratch-off labels can create that bit of mystery that draws your prospects in.


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