Capture more leads with a landing page that works with your direct mail postcards

Direct mail postcards get your target market’s attention. But then what?

Landing PagesHere’s a fact: 95% of potential customers will check you out online before calling or visiting your business. A well-designed landing page tells them they’ve found what they’re looking for and helps you catch that lead!

Home pages can overwhelm visitors who are looking for a specific offer or information. Once that happens, they’re out of there — and you’re out of luck.

A landing page not only lets visitors know they’re in the right place, but serves as a lead-capture tool so you can follow up with them if they leave without making a purchase.

Stop losing potential customers! For only $300, PostcardMania’s professional website design services will create a landing page for your business that can help you:

  •  Grow your email database
  •  Convert web visitors into sales
  •  Build credibility with your online presence
  •  Track your postcard marketing response

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