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Does your nonprofit organization need a marketing plan?

It isn’t the easiest task to market your nonprofit. It’s one thing to be passionate about a cause, but entirely another to get other people on board. What kind of message will resonate the most? Marketing and fundraising for nonprofits has its own unique set of challenges. Figuring out the best marketing strategies for nonprofits can be daunting, but some of the best non profit ads we’ve seen that have generated tons of donations have come from postcards.

PostcardMania’s Non-Profit Mailings product can effectively and affordably help you achieve your organization’s goals by designing beautiful nonprofit postcards or other direct mailings that make a real connection with recipients. Our strategic marketing for non-profit organizations is proven to be able to find thousands of donors and volunteers.

Do you qualify as a non-profit organization?

Before we start building your nonprofit marketing strategy, let’s make sure your organization qualifies as one of the following and is registered as such:

  • Charitable or religious organization
  • Social welfare organization
  • Labor and agricultural organization
  • Business Leagues
  • Veterans Organizations

Non-profit Postcards Mailing Rates

  • The price of mailing nonprofit USPS bulk marketing mail varies depending on what kind of mailers you decide to send out. They range from $0.15 to $0.55.
  • To get the postage statement for both nonprofit standard and marketing mail, view the details here.

NonProfit Marketing Plan Examples and Best Practices:

Here are some of the best marketing management strategies for nonprofits organizations and charities:

  • Hire a nonprofit marketing agency (like us!) to help build your marketing campaign plan; we’ve learned from experience that nonprofit marketing companies have the most experience in charity advertising and marketing.
  • Charity marketing strategy is completely different than other genres, so it’s best to go with someone that has donation marketing strategy You need to be able to conceptualize what your target audience looks like, and what kind of messages would resonate with them
  • Content marketing for nonprofits: If you’re not familiar with content strategy for nonprofits, it’s a little different than traditional donation marketing strategy. It doesn’t rely on a non profit marketing agency, advertisements or usps marketing mail, but rather the implementation of Pay-Per-Click (PCC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We can handle your PPC and SEO!

Charity Direct Mail Examples:

Some nonprofit direct mail companies would like you to think there’s a set of “best practices” for picking non profit marketing mail. However, npo marketing isn’t that easy. Here’s a checklist of some nonprofit direct mail examples:

  • Charity Donation Letter
  • Nonprofit Solicitation letter
  • Charity Fundraising Letter
  • Charity Letter Example (Charity letter asking for donations)
  • Charity Postcards
  • Nonprofit thank you letter
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