Target Prospective Patients on Every Channel Automatically

We are now very proud to offer a brand-new comprehensive marketing program designed specifically for dentists.

We’ve been helping dentists bring in new patients, fill their waiting rooms, and expand their practices for decades! Now, using what we’ve learned from each successful new patient campaign, we now have the perfect recipe for data-driven dental marketing. This is the easiest and most intelligent way for you to get new patients.

Everywhere Dental Example

How it Works

Everywhere Dental brings together several powerful marketing channels to form a marketing campaign that is far greater than the sum of its parts. With Everywhere Dental, your prospective patients receive a postcard about your practice, while concurrently seeing your ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram—automatically! The results of your campaign are tracked in an easy-to-read dashboard so you have complete transparency of your campaign’s performance and results. Tracked phone calls are also recorded so that you can listen to how your new patients are being handled and keep track of where they are finding out about you. You can even see when and where your cards are hitting mailboxes.

When you upgrade to Everywhere Dental Gold, you get all this plus each one of your tracked phone calls will be reviewed, analyzed, and rated by a well-trained dental marketing professional. This will empower your front desk staff to convert the highest possible percentage of calls into new patient appointments. And when you upgrade to Everywhere Dental Platinum, you get all this, plus your ads will also be shown on YouTube and Gmail.

Here’s how it all fits together…

Step 1: Your Mail Pieces are Sent

Direct mail pieces are mailed to your targeted prospects. This tried and true marketing medium produces tangible credibility for your practice that is unmatched by any other form of advertising.

Everywhere Small Platinum Targeted Mail Pieces

Step 2: Mail Pieces are Tracked

Using a cutting-edge barcode technology system we developed ourselves, we track the mailing process of your order. You can log in to your dashboard any time to know exactly when your cards are due to arrive, so you can plan for the influx of new patients.

Everywhere Dental Mail Tracking System

Step 3: Digital Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Gmail

Every prospective patient who visits your website following your direct mail campaign is funneled into an automatic follow-up system.

Google Ads

Digital ads, matching your direct mail piece, will display on millions of websites in the Google network, sending new patients directly to your website to learn more about your dental services.

Everywhere Dental Targeted Google Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Your matching digital ads will also be displayed on Facebook and Instagram. The ads will display to the people you mailed to, as well as to other potential patients who match similar demographics in your targeted area.

Everywhere Dental Targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads

YouTube Ads

Included with Everywhere Dental Platinum®Compare packages →

Your promotional video (or we’ll create a static ad for you, if you do not have a video) will be displayed to your targeted prospects when they watch other videos on YouTube. By now your prospects see your practice is “everywhere” and that you are the one they should call!

Everywhere Dental Platinum Targeted YouTube Ads

Gmail Ads

Included with Everywhere Dental Platinum®Compare packages →

Your targeted new patients will also see your ad when they login to their Gmail account. This ad will show a from name and subject name and when clicked will be a full promotion about your practice, directing the new patient to your website.

Gmail holds a 53% share of the US email market in 2020. According to statistics on Gmail users in the USA, Gmail accounts for 130.9 million of the total email users in the US. (Source: Shuttle Cloud).

Everywhere Dental Platinum Targeted Gmail Ads

Behavioral Targeting

Included with Everywhere Dental Platinum®Compare packages →

We will select topics related to your products and services and display your digital ads to people in your service area who are viewing that content online. Additionally, we select physical locations related to your products and services and display your digital ads to prospects who have recently visited those specific locations.

behavioral targeting with everywhere real estate

Video Creation & Connected TV Ads

Included with Everywhere Dental Platinum Plus®Compare packages →

We create a video advertisement for your business that includes graphics, branded elements, and key information about your products or services. These videos run to your target audience on Connected TV platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV, to increase brand awareness.

video and tv ads with everywhere real estate

Step 4: Tracking Phone Calls from Your Campaign

Your campaign includes a unique phone number that redirects all calls to the practice phone number you select. This number allows all calls to be tracked and recorded so you can effortlessly see the results of your campaign in your easy-to-use dashboard.

The call recording feature allows you to ensure your reception and sales team is handling prospective callers properly and ensure no revenue is being lost.

For most callers, you can also view:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Gender
  • AND age

This means you’ll be able to immediately use your prospects’ demographic information to determine how best to serve them the moment they call into your business.

Everywhere Dental Call Tracking

Step 5: Expert Analysis of Phone Calls from Your Campaign

Included with Everywhere Dental Gold and Platinum®Compare packages →

With Everywhere Dental Platinum, your campaign includes phone call analysis and scoring. This means a well-trained dental marketing professional will personally review, analyze, and rate each one of your tracked phone calls.

We’ll log each of these for you and display them for you in your dashboard:

  • Total Calls
  • Total Unique Calls
  • Total Appointments Set
  • Total Missed Calls

And each recorded call will be rated against the following key indicators:

  1. Used proper introduction script?
  2. Asked how they found out about the practice?
  3. If caller put on hold – note time frame and reason – was hold time less than 1 min?
  4. Asked caller to set an appointment?
  5. Appointment was scheduled?
  6. Asked for the caller’s name and used it twice during the call?
  7. Call was handled professionally, overall?
Everywhere Dental Expert Call Analysis

Special Bonuses


A QR code is an image that can be scanned with a smart phone and will send prospects straight to your web page to continue the conversation and give them a chance to leave their information on a web form. A free QR code is included on your postcard with Everywhere Dental.

Everywhere Dental QR Codes

FREE Landing Page

A landing page is a page prospects will “land” on after clicking on an ad or scanning a QR code. A professional landing page designed to match your campaign will be created by our expert web design team. A landing page that is specific to your campaign offer gives you the best chance to convert the people who land on your page into actual customers.

FREE Informed Delivery

Included with Everywhere Dental Platinum®Compare packages →

Generate additional exposure by displaying your postcard to recipients who are opted in to receive Informed Delivery emails. They will see your postcard, a full-color ad, plus a call-to-action button for the recipient to visit your website.

Which Campaign Type
Is Best For You?

Everywhere Dental Logo
Everywhere Dental Gold Logo
Everywhere Dental Platinum Logo
Mail Tracking
See exactly when cards arrive in prospects hands!
Call Tracking
Recordings and available data for name, address, age, gender, and more!
Google Advertising
Targeted online follow up campaign on the Google Display Network.
Includes 2 banner ad designs in 3 sizes/formats.
Facebook Advertising
Targeted online follow up campaign on Facebook.
Includes 1 Facebook graphic ad design.
Instagram Advertising
Targeted online follow up campaign on Instagram.
Includes 1 Instagram graphic ad design.
YouTube Advertising
Targeted online follow up campaign on YouTube.
Includes 1 YouTube graphic ad design.
Gmail Advertising
Targeted online follow up campaign on Gmail.
Includes 2 fully customized text ads
Browsed-Content Targeting
Targeted digital ads based on the content prospects are viewing online.
Includes 2 banner ad designs in 3 sizes/formats.
Visited-Locations Targeting
Targeted digital ads based on the physical locations prospects have visited.
Includes 2 banner ad designs in 3 sizes/formats.
QR Code
A quick scan takes prospects directly from your postcard to your website!
Landing Page
A web page to match your campaign and help you convert more prospects!
Phone Call Analysis & Scoring
Dental marketing professionals will review, analyze, and rate each one of your tracked phone calls.
Informed Delivery
Get your postcard and a full-color ad into the emails of your prospects!


Everywhere Dental is ridiculously inexpensive – just pennies per piece. However, since each campaign is tailored to your specific business, we need to have a quick chat with you about your business before giving you a quote, but don’t worry – it’s FREE!

Just call 1-800-628-1804 to speak with a marketing consultant.

We are dedicated to winning your business, we will do our best to beat any comparable quote.