Sticky Note Marketing

Increase Response with a Sticky Note on Your Postcard!

Sticky NoteIf your coworker leaves a sticky note on a pile of documents on your desk, what do you do? Ignore it and throw the whole pile away? Not if you want to stay employed…

Sticky notes signify that there is something important to communicate. And now you can add sticky notes to your direct mail pieces, too!

The notes are specially designed to stick to your card all the way to your prospect’s mailbox. We’ve seen these little reminder notes boost campaign performance over and over again, and it can work just as well for you!

Sticky notes help you:

  • Boost response to your mailings
  • Connect with your audience in a personal way
  • Get more attention in the mailbox


You can add sticky notes to your mailing for just a few cents more per piece! Call for a complete custom quote.

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