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Intelligent Mail Tracking

Know Exactly When Your Mail is Delivered!

Intelligent Mail TrackingOur goal is to take the stress out of mailing. Our mail tracking software predicts the day your postcards should arrive, so you can prepare in advance. Then, it creates a report that tells you when your mail arrived and what percentage was successfully delivered. Pretty sweet, but why bother? Let’s see…

Mail Tracking helps you:

  • Make optimal staffing and inventory decisions
  • Prepare to make the most of every lead you get
  • Track responses more accurately


You can add mail tracking to your postcards for just $0.01 per piece! How sweet is that?


Average Rating 5 Stars
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a account? is a personalized online dashboard that collects all your tracking data.
(If you use DirectMail2.0, it includes online lead and follow-up tracking.)

How does Mail Tracking work?

We include barcodes on your mail pieces which are scanned throughout their journey through the USPS system. The scans communicate back to our software to tell you where your postcards are and when they should arrive and then when they do actually arrive. You log in to your account to see all the sweet details and generate reports.

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