12 Genius Dental Direct Mail Templates for General Dentistry Postcard Marketing

12 genius dental direct mail templates for general dentistry postcard marketing

My dental clients have received 143% and even 350% increases in new patients from dental direct mail —

All to say:

It WORKS if you want to generate new patients and grow your bottom line.

Check out these 12 dental postcard marketing designs you can use!

1. Receive a 2,079% ROI with dental postcard marketing

My client Dr. Behnaz Raisdana wanted to spread the word about her practice’s grand opening and fill her appointment books in advance, so she decided to try dental direct mail…

She mailed out 19,000 postcards prior to opening and was quickly booked through the first several weeks!

dental direct mail

After that, she mailed 6,000 cards per month to keep the new patients coming in…

Her results?

  • 337 new patients
  • $402,095 in revenue
  • And a 2,079% ROI!

The consistency in her general dentistry marketing paid off — that is key!

You can see her case study testimonial here.

2. Get 254 phone calls from your general dentistry marketing

My client Kingsburg Family Dental purchased a mailing list of 24,000 residents within their practice’s zip code and sent postcards to it 3 times. 


They’d added Google ads automatically to their mailings — using DirectMail2.0 — to exponentially increase their general dentistry marketing exposure and results…

Take a look at their campaign stats:  

  • 366 tracked calls
  • 1,898,000 number of times Google Ads were displayed
  • 556 Google ad clicks
  • All from 72,000 postcards mailed.

You can see the postcard they mailed here.

Here’s a design you can mail:

general dentistry marketing

3. Send dental direct mail as a year-long strategy for 795 calls (and 143% more patients)

My clients Dr. Goolsby and wife (and business manager) Becky needed to up their monthly new patients, so they decided to give dental direct mail a try…

The Goolsbys started out mailing 6,000 postcards per month…

When they saw 48 new patients book appointments directly from their postcards in just 3 months —

They increased their mailing quantity to 12,000 postcards per month.

They also added matching Google ads using DirectMail2.0 to increase their results…

Check them out:

  • 795 tracked calls
  • 2 million number of times Google ads were shown
  • 200+ Google ad clicks
dental postcard marketing

After 1 year of marketing every single month —

They generated a 143% increase in monthly new patients and a 998% ROI.

It’s worth mentioning that this postcards-Google-ads marketing program was 100% set-it-and-forget-it.

You can watch their case study video here.

4. Give multiple special offers for $45,000 in revenue

When one of my clients opened their practice, they decided to use dental direct mail to generate new patients.

To permeate their local area with their general dentistry marketing, they committed to mailing 25,000 postcards to local residents — 3 separate times.

Their design included multiple special offers, which you can see here.

Providing more than one special offer in your dental postcard marketing gives prospects a reason to call you for help, no matter what problem they’re experiencing.

Here’s a design you can customize for your practice:

dental postcard marketing

My client received 128 new patients and $45,000 in revenue from their dental postcard marketing campaign.

All to say — it was a success!

Check out their other campaign details here.

5. Promote star-rated reviews as 85% of people trust them

Yup, 85% of consumers trust reviews just as much as word-of-mouth.


Google has us trained to recognize that golden stars = happy reviews.

You can feature a happy patient review on your dental postcard marketing using the same graphics (golden stars) that Google uses online, like this:

dental postcard marketing

Just by seeing those 5 golden stars automatically creates a sense of trust in your practice!

6. Add this automated strategy to your marketing for 349% new patients

My client, Tanty Family Dental, generated a 349% increase in new patients by adding the following into their dental postcard marketing:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • And Instagram ads

Check out their campaign analytics:

  • 212 tracked calls
  • 1,131,000 times Google ads were shown
  • 377 Google ad clicks
  • 102,000 times Facebook and Instagram ads were shown
  • 238 Facebook and Instagram ad clicks

We call this dental postcard marketing program Everywhere Small Business, and it requires ZERO effort from you!

dental direct mail

7. Plug your practice’s logo into this template

Your dental practice needs to look polished and fresh to stand out from your competition…

And a professional logo makes all the difference!

Here’s a dental direct mail piece you can customize for your practice:

general dentistry marketing

8. Use a bold headline like this dental direct mail design

A big, BOLD headline catches prospects’ attention as soon as they check the mail.

You can use this dental direct mail design for your next campaign:

general dentistry marketing

We can also design a postcard for your practice completely from scratch…

You can check out PostcardMania’s postcard design services here.

9. Mail your dental direct mail design repeatedly to generate $300,000 and a 906% ROI

My client, Arcadia Dental, mailed their postcard to 22,825 households in the area where they’re located every other month over the course of 1 year…


To increase their general dentistry marketing exposure even more, they used DirectMail2.0, to promote their practice’s digital ads online across thousands of websites in the Google network.

You can see the exact design they used here.

And here’s a design you can customize for your next campaign:

dental postcard marketing

10. Use dental postcard marketing to generate $16,000 in revenue

Dr. Tammy Grimm and her staff at Riverside Family Dental wanted to boost their patient base, so here’s what they did:

We designed Riverside Family Dental a postcard which they sent to a mailing list of 6,000 residents in their service area 4 times.

To help Dr. Grimm get even MORE exposure, she added Google ads to her mailings — automatically — using DirectMail2.0.

After just 4 mailings, she received:

  • 84 new calls
  • $16,000 in immediate revenue
  • Which is a projected $84,000 in revenue for the first year.

You can read the full case study here.

Here’s a dental direct mail you can customize for your business:

dental postcard marketing

11. Attract 90% of prospects with personalized postcards

90% of consumers today find personalized marketing appealing…


Because people like being personally communicated to, so they feel special!

You can mail this personalized dental direct mail piece:

general dentistry marketing

12. Send Happy Birthday dental postcard marketing automatically

Here’s a design you can send — 100% automatically — to everyone in your practice’s area with birthdays:

general dentistry marketing

Here’s how it works:

  • You tell us your service area and your target demographic (age, income, gender, etc.)
  • We design a postcard for you (or use the one above!)
  • Each month, we automatically pull a list of people with birthdays that month and mail them a personalized postcard.

You can see more about how the birthday mailer program works here. 


Your general dentistry marketing campaign is only as good as WHO receives it.

Your mailing list is the main dish of your lead generation so DON’T skimp on it.

We guarantee at least 90% deliverability of your direct mail, and so should ANY good mailing list provider, FYI.

Get 1,000 FREE records to start your campaign.

If you have ANY questions about growing your dental practice, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help is 100% FREE!



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