3 Dental Implant Postcard Templates to Bring in New Patients

The global dental implant market is growing rapidly – and with Americans emphasizing a quality smile so much, we make up a huge chunk of that market share.

Capitalize on this with some dental implant postcards. While people don’t really enjoy talking about the state of their deteriorating smile, if you put an attractive option right in their face, they just may reconsider!

The following dental implant postcard templates have been used by previous clients to bring in dental implant patients.

See what makes them work so well!

1. Emphasize bringing back their “Natural Smile”

dental implant postcard

Whatever the reason a patient needs a dental implant, whether it be neglected dental hygiene or accident, their end goal is the same: to end up with the smile they started with.

It doesn’t have to be *better* or artificially improved upon. They’re embarrassed about the current state of their smile and want it back to normal.

The headline of your postcard is one of the first things recipients will scan over when they receive your mail. Bolding the words “natural smile” will grab the attention of those that need dental implants!

To really grab their attention, put your messaging on a colossal postcard.

2. Use BOLD colors to grab the recipient’s attention

postcard for dental implants

You’ll notice that most of our templates feature really vivid color schemes. That’s because our data shows that brightly-colored postcards have better response rates!

You can see our collection of eye-popping templates here.

We’ve been collecting success data for over 20 years now. Every aspect of these templates is based on what has worked for dental practices in the past!

3. Offer up some free services to close the deal

dental implant postcard template

Even if you manage to reach someone that wants their natural smile back and use strong colors to pull them in, they still could have a stiff fear of buyer’s remorse.

Ease their fears by offering some free services packaged in with expensive dental implants. Making your service seem like a better deal with offers is one of our 12 essential postcard design elements for a reason – they work!

Feel free to use any of these dental implant postcards for your next marketing campaign.

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