PostcardMania Reviews & Complaints – 134 Actual Client Experiences

Is PostcardMania reliable? Read 134 clients actual experiences doing campaigns with them.

Hagen Chiropractic Ltd.
We had a tremendous response to our mailing (so much that our expanded parking lot needs to be expanded again). Four weeks since our mailing, I estimate over 600 responses to our 4500 cards with about 125 of those being new customers that did not know we existed. The postcard was expertly designed and with a specific mailing target I estimate a growth in sales of $25,000 to $30,000. Thank you all at PostcardMania for taking my business so seriously.
Alan Sommer
Handy Stop Nursery
Amy, thanks for all the excellent work from PostcardMania!!!! We recently mailed out 15,000 postcards and received over 200 serious calls... the design of the postcard is awesome...
Jack Kellerman
Kellerman Kitchen And Bath
Hey Susan. We have had an overwhelming response to the postcards we sent out last week. Is it possible to postpone our mailing for about 4 weeks? We need time to research all the leads we have gotten. It is a good problem.
Jeff Sinnock
American Pinnacle
Great Service, Great People, Always Pleased.
Service First Mortgage
The Postcards worked well. The response was good and we will continue to get calls for weeks. Great Job!
J. M.
McCall Insurance
FYI...the newer larger postcards with more copy in the front just started going out this year. The response has been much better! I usually get 1-2 calls per month. In February 5 calls already.
Epstein Practice Brokerage Inc.
I'm very happy with the postcards and business cards that you have done for me. I get a lot of compliments on them.
Capital City Chiropractic
Robby, Happy Friday. We were extremely pleased with the whole process. You guys are very streamlined and the process couldn't have been easier! We got a few of the samples a couple of days ago and honestly, they look better than I expected. Trust me, if we do another mailer I'll definitely be tracking you down!
Gulf Coast Insurance
This round of postcards is producing solid results. We have set up quite a few jobs for customers from our normal database. We have also added quite a few new customers from our newest mailing list. The postcards have produced quite a bit more money than they cost to mail already and it is very early in our season. We anticipate quite a few more calls in response to our latest mailing. We have received about twenty calls from new clients, with nine or ten new jobs resulting. The other calls needed services our company does not provide. We have yielded much more profit this year compared to last year. I believe that is a direct result of our most recent postcard campaign. We are very pleased with your company and have even referred friends to PostcardMania. Thanks!
AAA Pool & Spa
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