PostcardMania Reviews & Complaints – 134 Actual Client Experiences

Is PostcardMania reliable? Read 134 clients actual experiences doing campaigns with them.

Hey Nick I'm so excited and impressed with the design of my card. My cards mailed out Monday and my phone has rung nonstop. This is great! Thank you guys!
Beautiful Work! (We are) still getting responses to the postcard.
Curves For Women
We had 156 customers at an average sale of $205.13. We netted over $32,000!
David Barry
David Barry's Tall & Big
I made my investment back in 2 days and then doubled it in 4. This letter got to the right people and it was due to your great lists! I will never use another marketing company again.
ASAP Tax Service
We have received 132 responses directly with requests for samples of Fruit 66. What we don't know is the untold number that contacted their local distributors directly to begin ordering Fruit 66. We saw a spike in sales activity for our new non-carbonated flavors (the ones being announced via the postcard) to the point where we ran out of stock on one of the flavors. In addition, we've added two new distributors and are negotiating with two more. All told, this has generated business around $7,000 so far.
4U2U Brands, LLC
Gilma, my target market are those with their home in foreclosure. My first mailing of 2300 went out several weeks ago. It generated NUMEROUS phone calls that resulted in 60% of them becoming a viable loan that will close. The following week the postcards went out to the same list. Five more calls came in, resulting in one more deal for me. I have a total of 7 active loans moving forward. The people are thankfull and thrilled that I am able to help them save their house. Total commission dollars to me as a result of the initial mailing is $50,000. (My first one closed escrow today) This week I am mailing 4500 out to a new list. You can imagine how excited I am! You guys at Postcardmania are wonderful! You are quick, responsive and professional. I enjoy working with everyone that I come in contact with. Thanks again for yor help!
Trish Wilson
Diamond Financial Services, Inc
I got my first call for an outdoor kitchen today. I quoted the couple and we have a budget of about $25,000 to work with. I am extremely happy and can't wait for my next call. Thanks for all your help.
Designer Outdoor Kitchens
We have been consistently mailing 1,000 postcards per week with PostcardMania for the last 49 weeks. When we started working with them our sales were averaging around $37,000 per week. Sales have since been going up week after week and we recently had our highest ever of $76,000 in a single week! I know that the postcard mailings played a large role in the expansion of our business.

I am certainly a good example of the success of consistent, repeat postcard mailings!

I wouldn't trust my mailings to anyone else.
Roger Noll
Ready Express
Erica, The response from our mailing was phenomenal!!! We are booked solid...
Snoqualmie Ridge Family Dental
Jennifer, these things are working GREAT, so well that I need to cut back to 1,000 a week until I figure out how to handle all the calls/loans. Hopefully I’ll have a plan in a week or two and be able to crank things back up.
John Hyer
Integrated Lending, Inc.
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