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I'm getting a 1-2% response rate, and out of that I'm getting 1-2 sales through each mailing — deals are $5-10k each.

Everyone was helpful; information was communicated clearly and promptly.

Even though I started this farm area this year, my ROI is still 350%. Next year will undoubtedly be even better (10x with the price range I mail to)!

23 calls and $16,000 in revenue in just 45 days!

Joy, Thank you for taking a look at my marketing pieces and then stepping in to help make things come together. You are an awesome owner and I love working with Carly Switzer. Much Appreciated!

Just Sold Postcard Templates For Real Estate You Can Use

Hey Realtors!

Do you need ready-made just sold postcards examples?

We put together our 12 best just listed and sold postcards to give you design ideas — and steal-worthy templates — to use on your next marketing campaign…

Check them out!

1. Bold just sold postcards that shout your skills

Keep it simple with your just sold real estate postcards.

Like this design:

just sold postcards

(Template #REL-1013)

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

Easy, and obviously very attention-grabbing with that bright red and loud yellow!

Onto the next…

2. Personalized just sold postcards for realtors

Instead of saying the same ol’ thing to everybody on your mailing list

Why not personalize your just sold postcards wording — automatically — to each and every recipient?


Check this out:

realtor just sold postcards wording

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

Where you see <<First>> is where each and every first name from your qualified mailing list will get printed —


And where you see <<PROPADD>> is where, you guessed it, the property address for each homeowner shows up.

Amazing, right?

Plus, these Personalized Postcards cost just pennies — PENNIES! — extra per piece.

Better yet…

Your prospects pay attention to your real estate marketing when it’s 100% customized to them and their needs.

See the video here to learn more.

Here’s #3:

3. 100% customize your postcard’s details

Another example of personalizing your just sold postcards

Except this one has customized IMAGES. Whoa.


just sold postcards real estate

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

Each encircled item gets printed with customized data, so prospects not only see a <<SOLDPRICE>> that pertains to their market (including a corresponding property address), but they’ll also see not one but 3 different images.

And check out that professional realtor image…

Talk about winning realtor just sold postcards!

4. Just sold postcards with BRIGHT calls-to-action

Yup, just sold postcards that work have bright, bold calls-to-action so prospects know exactly how and why to contact you

Check out this one in bright yellow:

just sold real estate postcards

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

By sending prospects to a dedicated landing page that matches your postcard design, you can easily track the effectiveness (clicks and leads!) of your marketing.

Check out this next one…

5. Picture-perfect Remax just sold postcards

This classy just sold postcard generated multiple listings for this agent:

Remax just sold postcards

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

Love that professional picture of the realtor on the front, too!

Speaking of which…

6. Money-saving just sold realtor postcards

This attention-grabbing design uses just sold postcards verbiage — and images — to pop out of the mail stack.


Keller Williams just sold postcards

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

Plus, there’s that personalized touch once again:

<<FIRST>> is where the first name of each prospect gets printed — AUTOMATICALLY.

Watch the video of how this is done HERE.

7. Use this professional just listed postcard template

Feature your most recent, gorgeous listing on the front of your just listed postcard design with this simple, plug-and-play template:

just listed just sold postcards 

(Template #REL-1024)

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

8. Check out another Remax postcard template

Do you work for a branded company, like Remax or Keller Williams?

We have Remax just sold postcards on tap:

Remax just sold postcards

Get a free sample shipped to you: 


If you’re a realtor within a large branded real estate entity, you’ll generate more qualified leads when you stand apart from other similar realtors.

Help is here:

FREE report: How to differentiate your business from your competitors and generate more leads

Here’s the next one:

9. Just listed postcard template you can steal

Need just listed and sold postcards for your next campaign?

With a high-resolution photo of a beautiful home, you can just use this template here:

just sold real estate postcards templates

(Template #REL-1025)

Get a free sample shipped to you: 


Always use a picture of yourself on your marketing.

It helps prospects connect with you instantly, a pretty important aspect of real estate marketing!

10. Generate up to $260,000 with this design

We regularly design just listed just sold postcards, and one of our clients generated $260,000 in revenue from his campaign—

Using this postcard:

just listed just sold postcards

Get a free sample shipped to you: 


They mailed just 500 just listed and sold postcards— but did so consistently — to single-family dwelling units in their area…

And their most recent campaign generated a 14,194% return on investment (ROI)!

Not bad, right?  

11. This just listed design netted $10,069 in revenue

A Keller Williams realtor in North Carolina wanted to become the go-to agent in a specific gorgeous community, so we designed a real estate marketing campaign and mailed 2,500 just listed postcards for her.

Here’s the design:

just sold postcards keller williams

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

Very simple — just a straight-up focus on the realtor and the brick home she had just listed!

Her results?

2,500 postcards did the trick!

She sold this house and netted $10,069 in revenue — a return on investment (ROI) of over 625% for her campaign!

Read the case study here for more details on this Keller Williams marketing campaign.

Here’s the last one…

12. Easy sample just sold real estate postcards to use

Want to keep it simple?

Show off your house with some elegant text like this one:

just sold postcards examples

Get a free sample shipped to you: 

This design focuses on a specific neighborhood. By using a targeted mailing list, you can mail just sold postcards for real estate to specific neighborhoods and let homeowners know you’re the agent to list with!

Run a FREE mailing list count AND get 1,000 free records

There you have it!

Feel free to use any of those 12 design ideas, plus:

See an entire gallery of real estate postcards here.

Want free samples of our just sold postcards so you can compare different sizes in person? Request FREE samples here — we’ll mail them straight to you!



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