The Situation

Keller Williams Realtor Cathy Pearce wanted to make herself the go-to agent in the desirable community of Matthews, NC. She called PostcardMania for help getting her name out in the neighborhood.

The Solution

Our experts came up with a real estate postcard campaign that would effectively deliver Cathys message to her prospects.

Heres why the design worked:

  • The postcards main image (a large, brick home) IMMEDIATELY lets recipients know what its about real estate
  • The photo of Cathy helps build familiarity and trust with her prospects
  • The clear call to action (CTA) on the back includes a BENEFIT to the recipient getting their home sold!

Cathy purchased a mailing list of 500 homeowners in the community where she was hoping to list more houses, and sent the postcards to them monthly for five months. Repetition increases name recognition and credibility, which is important in real estate, because most prospects wont be ready to list their homes right away. But with a consistent postcard campaign, Cathy increased her chances that when they are ready to sell, theyll think of her!

The Results

I listed one house and when it sold netted $10,069

Cathys strategy worked exactly as she had hoped! I received three phone calls from the cards. I listed one house and when it sold, netted $10,069, which more than paid for the mailings. I have listed three houses in that community. The cost of the 5-month postcard campaign was $1,387.50, which means Cathy generated a 625.7% return on investment!

CSID: 3869