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The Situation

Allman Company Realtors is a real estate firm located in Hemphill, TX. They were looking for a way to bring in more clients interested in selling their property, so they came to PostcardMania for marketing help.

The Solution

PostcardMania created a 6 x 8.5 inch postcard that included the following features:

  • An offer of a free price evaluation
  • A strong call to action, leading the prospect to call soon
  • A description of the real estate agent’s expertise on the back of the card to increase trust with the prospect

Allman Company Realtors mailed 6,000 postcards to their own list of contacts in the local area.

The Results

They generated 11 responses, converted 5, and made $12,000 in revenue!

After the mailings, Allman Company Realtors heard from 11 people and converted 5 of them to clients. As a result, they made $12,000 in revenue. Their direct mail campaign cost $3,027, so their return on investment amounted to 296%.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate agents.

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