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The Situation

Mercer Real Estate Investments was looking for investment properties to buy in the Atlanta metro area, so they called PostcardMania for help reaching homeowners who might want to sell.

The Solution

The investors PostcardMania consultant knew just what to do, and had our designers create a postcard based on the successful campaigns of our more than 4,600 real estate clients.

Heres what made it effective:

  • The bold headline not only gets the message across quickly, but is a BENEFIT that tells the recipient what THEY stand to gain from calling
  • The picture of the home, plus the cartoon house and money reinforce the headlines message
  • The offer of a free, no-obligation consultation eliminates some of the friction the prospect might feel about calling

Mercer Investments mailed the postcard to a list of 2,500 homeowners age 60 and older who have lived in their homes for at least 5 years and have accrued at least 40% equity in the property. (Yes we can get THAT specific with our mailing lists!)

To increase their exposure, the investors mailed the card to the same recipients twice.

The Results

20,000 in revenue!

Mercer received 10 responses from the postcards! They closed one deal, which generated $20,000 in revenue, and have another deal in the works!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate investors!

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