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PostcardMania should be your go to for marketing!! There professionalism and knowledge within the marketing industry is top shelf. They have dedicated teams to help you with everything from design layout, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, online banner ads, and follow up emails put in place that make it a 100% done for you system... The only thing holding your company back is YOU!! Stop procrastinating and drop the money in marketing!! This company will help you see new growth by creating a professional, one of a kind done for you marketing campaign.

I have 2 campaigns running currently and it's been really smooth, The design folks are amazing. They take my raw vision and bring it to life in a tangible postcard.. I like it.

Hi! These two ladies have been amazing! I wouldn’t have gotten anything accomplished if they had not walked me through doing everything step by step. I love the phone calls and the emails! Kudos!

I was extremely satisfied when I used your services. I will continue to use you in the future based on the excellent service from everyone we worked with in your organization.

We get 50 new leads from every mailing.

18 Genius Realtor Recipe Postcards You Should Try

18 genius realtor recipe postcards you should try

Everyone can use a delicious new recipe —

So why not mail your prospects realtor recipe postcards?

When you send them a yummy recipe they can use, they’ll remember YOU as the realtor who was oh-so thoughtful.

Not Julia Child or Mario Batali in the kitchen??

Don’t worry — I’ve got you covered with 18 real estate recipe postcards you can use…

Have at it!

1. Receive a 14,194% return on investment from your direct mail campaign

Here’s how THAT works:

You mail a gorgeous postcard — consistently to a targeted mailing list FULL of your ideal prospects.

You can use this recipe postcard, for example:

real estate recipe postcards

Want a real-life example of an amazing revenue-generating realtor direct mail campaign?

These CA real estate brokers closed 5 deals after just 2 months of mailing realtor postcards…

They averaged $260,000 in revenue EACH!

Talk about RESULTS!!

You can read their full case study here.

2. Generate a 1,484% return on investment like this

Try mailing this scrumptious real estate recipe postcard:

real estate recipe postcards

Here’s the deal:

Postcards — when mailed consistently to a quality mailing list — can utterly change your business!

In fact:

One of our clients mailed postcards for their real estate marketing campaign and generated a 1,484% return on investment!

See their mailing list strategy AND actual postcard used here.

3. Add Google ads to your postcards to generate 185 leads

Integrating Google ads into your realtor direct mail campaign has never been easier!

Imagine this…

You mail this recipe postcard:

real estate recipe postcards

And you run matching Google ads that show up on all your prospects’ favorite websites

The internet sites they’re ALREADY using (and spending tons of time on)!

Prospects see your real estate marketing:

  • In their mailbox
  • And on hundreds (and up to thousands) of their favorite websites
  • At the SAME time, over and over again

In fact…

One of my clients generated 185 leads using this multi-channel marketing strategy…

And he didn’t spend a ton of time on it!

Read their case study here.

4. Give your prospects a fresh recipe postcard

You can mail your prospects this gorgeous, healthy realtor recipe postcard:

real estate recipe postcards

Here’s a smart idea…

Add these to your realtor recipe postcard campaign:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • AND Instagram ads


Watch this 1-minute video here to get your realtor marketing seen EVERYWHERE.

5. Generate $10,000 in new business with this postcard

Here’s another yummy recipe postcard for realtors:

recipe postcards for real estate marketing

Get this:

When one of our clients mails realtor postcards, they receive 50-70 responses, which generates about $10,000 each time they mail!

You can see their postcard AND mailing list strategy here.

6. Mail this card in the fall to spice up your marketing

Check out this real estate recipe card design you can use:

recipe postcards for real estate marketing


You need a quality list FULL of your prospects to mail your postcards to…

Get 1,000 FREE mailing list records here.

7. Create a sweet stream of leads with this design

One of the hardest things to get small business owners to understand is this:

You need to market WAY more than you think you do in order to generate the kind of results that will change your bottom line.

realtor recipe cards

Obviously, marketing in some capacity is better than NOTHING…

But to generate enough leads on a consistent basis, so that you create buyers more often?

You need to mail consistently!

FREE report: See REAL results from successful realtor postcard campaigns

8. Try mailing this Mediterranean postcard

You can’t go wrong sending Italian culinary inspiration with this recipe postcard:

real estate recipe direct mail


You can add Google, Facebook, AND Instagram ads to your postcard campaign to exponentially increase how many prospects see your realtor marketing!

Watch the 1-minute video here to learn how.

9. Warm up your leads with this cheesy soup recipe card

This is a perfect real estate marketing recipe postcard to mail in the cooler months!

real estate recipe direct mail


We can customize each and every postcard with your recipient’s first name…


Every prospect who receives YOUR realtor recipe postcard will see their first name on YOUR realtor marketing —

So they LOOK!

personalized postcards for realtors

They’re called Personalized Postcards — you can watch a video about them here.

10. Tantalize your prospects with a holiday favorite

Here’s a perfect pumpkin postcard to send during the holidays to wish your prospects (and clients alike) a happy holiday season!

real estate recipe postcard template

Here’s #11…

11. Mail a little-known Italian favorite with this realtor direct mail card

This real estate direct mail postcard is perfect for the spring, summer, or fall!

real estate recipe postcard template

We can customize any of these recipe postcards to YOUR business!

Check out PostcardMania’s postcard design services here.

12. Mail this dessert recipe postcard YEAR-ROUND

After all…

Your realtor marketing should be running year-round if you want to be remembered above your competition!

real estate postcards recipe cards

Nothing like tiramisu to sweeten up your leads and remind them to call YOU!

13. Mail this dinnertime favorite and entice your prospects to call you

Good news:

Chicken parmesan never goes out of style!

Mail this realtor recipe postcard template:

real estate postcards recipe cards


It’s EASY (and super affordable) to add:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • AND Instagram ads

To your real estate marketing!

Watch the Everywhere Small Business video here to learn how!

14. Be a summertime cookout star with this ol’time favorite

Mail this recipe postcard in the springtime (and more than once) to remind prospects:

  • Potato salad is a win at summer BBQs
  • This recipe rocks
  • And YOU’RE the realtor to call for any real estate needs!
real estate marketing recipe cards

Check out #15…

15. Mail this postcard for your real estate direct mail campaign

Those Italians sure know how to cook!

  • Penne
  • Eggplant
  • Tomatoes
  • And mozzarella
real estate marketing recipe cards

Want to see our gallery of successful real estate marketing campaigns?

Check it out here!

16. Here’s a fresh yummy vegetable salad recipe

Mail this recipe postcard in the spring AND summer to liven up your prospects’ fare!

real estate marketing recipe cards

17. See more leads with this seafood gumbo recipe card

Check it out:

real estate marketing recipe cards

We can customize this real estate marketing recipe postcard with YOUR business’s logo and special offer…

Check out our postcard design services here.

18. Spice up your realtor marketing with chicken tortilla soup

Send your prospects this Mexican favorite:

real estate marketing recipe cards

That’s it!

18 delicious recipe postcard designs you can use for your real estate marketing campaign!

If you have any questions about your next realtor marketing campaign…

Or if you want to learn how Everywhere Small Business can put your business EVERYWHERE your prospects are, just call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice is 100% FREE!



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