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The Situation

Joseph Cosentino of Morris Park Realty wanted to expand his business into more neighborhoods, so he called PostcardMania for help getting his name out in those communities.

The Solution

After talking with our consultants, Mr. Cosentino decided to run a fully integrated marketing campaign that included direct mail postcards and Google follow-up ads.

It started with an effective postcard design:

  • The patriotic-themed red, white and black postcard grabs the recipients attention
  • Photos of homes in the prospects neighborhood tells them this is a real estate company that specializes in their area
  • Several elements help establish trust with the recipient:
  • The agents photo
  • Testimonials
  • Hard, provable numbers (Top 1% of all Bronx Realtors and On average, we sell houses within 47 days)

He sent the postcards out once to 2,000 residents in the desired neighborhoods. We recommend multiple mailings, but with DirectMail2.0, the Realtor was able to generate more exposure online with Google follow-up ads!

The Results

185 interested leads!

With the detailed tracking information provided by DirectMail2.0, Mr. Cosentino could see that his online ad was seen 321,480 times, and that 185 people clicked on his ad to visit his website. Thats 185 leads in those areas who are potentially interested in selling or renting their homes through Morris Park Realty!

CSID: 3861