6 Dental Office Grand Opening Open House Ideas You Can Use

6 dental office grand opening open house ideas you can use

Want to announce your new practice’s grand opening?

We have proven-to-work dental office open house ideas, and here they are!

1. Send dental open house invitations where 81% look every day

81% of Americans check their mail every single day — which likely includes prospects in YOUR new practice’s area!

So why not market your new practice where they already look? (Hint: the mailbox!)

Here’s a dental open house invitation you can send:

new office open house ideas

2. Grab the attention of 79% of prospects with new office open house ideas

Think digital marketing comprises the best dental office grand opening ideas?

Guess again!

79% of consumers find direct mail more useful and trustworthy than going online…

Which means:

Leveraging tangible, PRINT dental office open house ideas will get noticed by your prospects —

Especially since 81% of people check their mail every single day (#1)!

Here’s a dental postcard you can send to promote your new practice!

dental office grand opening ideas

3. Use personalized dental office open house ideas for 135% more response

By printing the first names of your prospects directly on your postcards, you can increase your response by up to 135%.

Here’s an example of what that looks like:

dental open house invitation

Plus —

This personalized marketing tactic costs sheer pennies extra per piece, yet it makes your dental open house invitations call your prospects by name, and therefore:

Get noticed!

4. Give multiple special offers to generate a 143% increase in new patients

One of my favorite dental office open house ideas is including several special offers on your dental marketing…

Such as, this example:

Borealis Dental generated a 143% increase in new patients from their postcards —

Plus, they received a 998% return on investment by integrating digital ads into their yearly direct mail campaign.

You can watch Borealis Dental’s case study video here.

And here’s a dental open house invitation you can send to start off your new patient influx!

new office open house idea

5. Add this automated strategy to your marketing for 349% new patients

The best dental office grand opening ideas we’ve seen work for dentists is adding the following digital tactics into targeted direct mail mailings:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • And Instagram ads

This multi-channel strategy has a name…

It’s called Everywhere Small Business, and my client Tanty Family Dental generated a 349% increase in new patients with it!

Here’s another personalized design you can use:

dental office open house ideas

6. Plug your new practice’s logo into this template

Your new practice needs to look polished and fresh to stand out from your competition…

And a professional logo is one of your first steps! 

Here’s a dental open house invitation to use your logo on:

dental office grand opening idea

You can view PostcardMania’s logo design services here.

There you have it! If you want help running a multi-channel marketing campaign to grow your new practice, you can watch the Everywhere Small Business video here

Or, feel free to call one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804. They’ll help you find the best marketing campaign for your new practice (and budget), and their advice is 100% FREE.



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