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6 Amazing Cosmetic Dentistry Postcards You Can Send

Cosmetic Dentistry Postcards

Hey Dentists!

Want ready-made cosmetic dentistry postcards you can send to grow your practice with new patients?

Here are 6 you can customize for your business —

Check them out!

1. Generate a 2,079% ROI with your cosmetic dentistry marketing

When my client Dr. Behnaz Raisdana wanted to announce her practice’s grand opening and fill her appointment books, she decided to mail postcards to hit prospects’ mailboxes…

Here’s what she did:

  • She mailed out 19,000 postcards
  • Which hit mailboxes before she opened her practice
  • And received so many calls that she FILLED her calendar.
cosmetic dentistry marketing

Then —

She continued to mail 6,000 postcards per month…

Her final results?

  • 337 new patients total
  • $402,095 in revenue
  • A crazy 2,079% ROI!

It’s all about CONSISTENCY in cosmetic dentistry marketing.

You can watch her case study video here.

2. Send cosmetic dentistry postcards where 81% look every day

81% of Americans check their mail every single day —

Yup, even in our hyper-digital age!

So why not market your new practice where they already look? (Hint: the mailbox!)

Here’s a cosmetic dentistry postcard you can send:

cosmetic dentistry marketing

3. Show multiple special offers to generate $45,000 in revenue

Here’s what one of my other clients did to spread the word about their new practice opening…

They mailed 25,000 postcards to local residents — but this is important:

They mailed 3 separate times.

Remember, consistency!

cosmetic dentistry marketing

Their design included multiple special offers, which you can see here.

Giving more than one special offer in your cosmetic dentistry marketing compels prospects to call you because no matter what issue they want to fix —

Your cosmetic dentistry marketing should give them a money-saving reason to come in and minimally get a consultation with you.

FREE report: 128 special offers already PROVEN to generate leads 

After 3 mailings of 8,300 postcards each, here were their results:

  • 128 new patients
  • $45,000 in revenue.

Check out their other campaign details here.

4. Attract 79% of prospects with your cosmetic dentistry marketing

79% of consumers find direct mail more useful and trustworthy than going online…

Which means:

Sending cosmetic dentistry postcards will get noticed — especially since 81% of people check their mail every single day (#2)!

cosmetic dentistry marketing

5. See a 143% increase in new patients with your cosmetic dentistry marketing

My client Borealis Dental generated a 143% increase in new patients from their postcards, plus:

They saw a 998% return on investment from integrating Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads into their year-long direct mail campaign.

It’s called Everywhere Small Business — and it requires ZERO effort from you.

cosmetic dentistry postcards

6. Automate your multi-channel cosmetic dentistry marketing for 349% new patients

My client Dr. Kevin Tanty of Tanty Family Dental generated a 349% increase in new patients by automatically integrating the following into a year-long direct mail campaign:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Call tracking
  • And mail tracking

Prospects who saw his postcards in the mail simultaneously saw matching digital ads online — and Dr. Tanty nor his office manager didn’t have to manage anything!

This is Everywhere Small Business, and here are his campaign analytics:

  • 212 tracked calls
  • 1,131,000 times his Google ads were shown
  • 377 clicks on his Google ads
  • 102,000 times his Facebook and Instagram ads were shown
  • 238 clicks his Facebook and Instagram ads got

That’s with 36,000 postcards mailed EVERY MONTH for 1 year.

You can watch his video here.

cosmetic dentistry postcards

So there you have it — proven-to-work dental marketing strategies to apply to your cosmetic dentistry marketing.

We can also design your cosmetic dentistry postcards completely from scratch, if you want.

View PostcardMania’s postcard design services here.

If you need any help planning or running your cosmetic dentistry marketing campaign, feel free to call one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804.

Their advice is 100% FREE.



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