6 Political Direct Mail Tactics For More Votes

political direct mail tactics

None of us plan to lose when running for office regardless of whether we’re unseating an incumbent or setting out for a second term…

Which means:

You can plan to win. 


Political campaign postcards targeted at a list of registered voters — mailed again and again in advance of your election date.

But are there political mailer best practices?

You bet (based on successes from our clients who’ve won elections), and we condensed those winning political postcard strategies here for you to read:

1. Send your political mailers consistently up until election day

In order to win an election, your political campaign flyers must be seen several times.

A one-shot approach can work, but better to throttle your political postcards out each month leading up to the election.

After all, you’re trying to WIN, so —

Your constituents have to see your political flyers MANY times in order to:

  • Remember you (this is first!)
  • Understand your platform
  • Trust you (key for winning the vote).

So what should your political campaign mailers show design-wise?

That’s next!

2. Use a political direct mail design PROVEN to literally win

Obviously, no one can say:

Use this design, and you will for sure win.


We’ve been planning political campaign mailings for 22 years, and have whittled down the proven-to-work strategies design-wise for you…

Here’s an election flyer example of a real client who won his election:

political campaign flyers

Notice his political mailer for the winning attributes:

  • His name upfront and center
  • Picture of the candidate (important!!!)
  • Which district he’s running for
  • And which position
  • Bullet points summarizing his platform

The point is…

When voters grab your election postcards from the mailbox…

You don’t want them to GUESS who you are and what you’re running for.

You want your name, platform, and district (or city, state, etc.) to be crystal clear.

Now to whom did he send his election mailers?

That’s #3!

3. Send the best political postcards to a registered voter list

Seems obvious, right?

Now what would a voter list look like exactly?

For the campaign mailer above in #2, here was Marty’s political mailing list strategy:

He sent out 6,000 political postcards to homeowners who fit the following criteria:

  • Registered Democrat
  • Older than 30 years old
  • Resident of certain key zip codes in his district

Sure, he could’ve just sent his political mailers out to ALL registered voters in his district…

But it made more sense to a list of registered democrats in his case, specifically with voters above the age of 30.

Curious how many people are on the voters roll in your constituency?

Run a FREE voters list count here (plus, get 1,000 records free).

4. Blanket your electoral list and area with political postcards

Seems straight forward, right?

Your campaign may necessitate an outright blast-the-area approach.

Take this real example with a gorgeous political flyer design:

direct mail political campaigns

Notice how this political flyer example includes:

  • A photo and statement from Yasmin so the recipient learns her goals as a Georgia representative
  • A note about COVID-19, letting voters know she’s thinking of them and working toward a brighter future (staying relevant)
  • Easy to read contact information and call to action so the recipient can support the campaign and vote with confidence

She sent a total of 2,500 4.25” x 6” political mailers to a list of registered voters in Georgia —


The point is?

An attractive political flyer design flanking your other campaign efforts can secure the vote, which in her case it did.

5. Integrate digital ads into your election mailers seamlessly

It’s no secret your voters spend time online today (no matter their age)…

Which means your political marketing needs to be seen:

  • At home via political mailers
  • On Facebook
  • Instagram
  • And even Youtube.

Our client, John Carpenter, was 1 month away from election date with the goal of unseating an incumbent.

He contacted us to ramp up his political campaign mailing with added digital ads, using our offline/online program Everywhere Political Campaign, and increased his online exposure with:

  • 000 people seeing his ads
  • 126 people clicking through to his website.

Best, of all —


Here’s his political postcard design:

Political Direct Mail

Winning your election undoubtedly comes down to being seen, understood, and trusted the MOST.

Our Everywhere Political Campaign marketing programs combines all the following into one affordable marketing bundle, 100% created and organized by us:

Political Campaign Postcards

political postcards

Political Direct Mail Tracking in an Online Dashboard

Political Direct Mail Tracking in an Online Dashboard

Online Google Ads Targeting Your District

Online Google Ads Targeting Your District

Targeted Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Targeted Political Ads on Facebook and Instagram

And Targeted Ads On YouTube

Targeted Political Ads On YouTube

Learn more about Everywhere Political Campaign here.

6. Implement our #1 recommended political campaign mailing strategy

Simply put:


I know this sounds like trite advice, but we’ve seen our clients win elections using political postcards time and time again by following this advice.

A straight-to-the-point political flyer design mailed whether to a list of registered republicans, democrats, independents, or other — but done consistently — is the key to out-marketing your opponent.

Check out our political postcard gallery here for more political flyer examples!

I hope you’ve found these marketing ideas helpful for reaching your voters with an honest chance of winning.

If you’re ready to start your political campaign mailing — or if you want to talk further about anything you’ve read here — call our marketing experts at 800-628-1804 for a free, no-obligation consultation!



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