Tyson’s postcard used a light, transparent blue background with the American flag behind it. It featured a picture of Tyson with a big smile on his face, so voters could connect with him on a human level. The copy on the card simply implored voters to vote for him on Election Day, but they also included a quote from him declaring it was time for the next generation to lead their community.

The Situation

Tyson Larson is a member of the Nebraska State House of Representatives, a position he was elected to largely due to his postcard marketing efforts and by campaigning door-to-door.

The Solution

Postcard Design: This card is designed to focus on the upcoming election and lists what Tyson Larson stands for. The main focus is on: – A specific action to take – A clear, bold headline addressing a concern – Bulleted points outlining Tyson’s platforms Mailing List: Mailed to all residents who voted in the 2006, 2008 and 2010 primary and general elections. Mailing Schedule: One-time blast to just over 9,000 voters.

The Results

When you mail postcards to those who vote regularly, you build credibility with the voters you know you can count on.

Despite sending out only one mailing (his opponent sent out eleven), and being the youngest candidate running against the longest tenured member of the Nebraska State House – Tyson Larson won his election! Now that’s results!

CSID: 3753