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As you can imagine, red, white and blue are popular colors for political candidates. Marty Gearheart was no exception. He chose to go with a waving American flag in the background of his postcard. His picture was featured on the right side and his platform issues were placed in bullet points on the left side. This gave the voters everything they needed to know about his candidacy and helped them make a personal connection with him by seeing his picture.

The Situation

Marty Gearheart, a West Virginia politician, was running for a seat in the House of Delegates (District 27 to be exact). He was out in the community doing outreach events and public appearances. He was getting his message out, but if he wanted to take his political career to the next level (and he did), he needed to be able to target key groups of voters in his district with a specific message. He called our marketing experts to find out if marketing postcards could be the marketing tool he needed.

The Solution

Marty is a savvy politician. He knew just speaking to general audiences wouldn’t cut it in a competitive race. He had to get his message to specific demographics and key voter groups in his district. As it turns out, postcards are perfect for this!

He sent out 6,000 postcards to homeowners who fit the following criteria:

  • Registered Democrat
  • Older than 30 years old
  • Resident of certain key zip codes in his district

These were the voters he needed to win over to tip the scales in his favor, so he sent out a tailor-made marketing postcard discussing his critical platform issues to those voters.

The Results

We won our election thanks to our marketing postcards!

The postcards worked! Marty Gearhart won his political race! That’s the ultimate result.