8 Amazing Political Campaign Postcards You Can Send

8 amazing political campaign postcards you can send

Here are 8 political direct mail samples you can customize and send to promote your campaign!

1. Promote your professional stance on this political direct mail piece

Need a mailing list of your constituents to send your political campaign postcards


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political campaign direct mail

2. Use a bright call to action to compel your voters

Tell your voters to hit the polls on your political campaign postcards with an eye-catching call to action like this yellow one:

political campaign direct mail

3. Win your next election using political campaign postcards

My client, Casey Weinstein, mailed political campaign postcards to 1,092 voters in his area during his race for Hudson City Council… and guess what:

He won!

You can see Casey’s design and strategy here, plus:

You can use this political direct mail design:

political campaign postcards

4. Turn voters’ heads with this vertical design strategy

Take your political direct mail piece and flip it vertically to compel voters to turn your postcard just to read your message (it works!).

Here’s one you can use:

political campaign direct mail postcard

5. Win BIG with eye-catching political campaign postcards

My client Nancy Thane was running for Probate Judge against a judge already in office. Running against an incumbent is a tough task, but her political campaign postcards paid off because she won!

You can see the design Nancy used here.

Here’s a political direct mail template you can use:

political campaign direct mail

6. Communicate your campaign’s message front and center

Turn your political campaign postcards into a way to tell your voters your platform.

Here’s an example:

political campaign direct mail

We can also design a political direct mail piece completely from scratch for your campaign…

View PostcardMania’s postcard design services here.

7. Send political campaign postcards as reminders to vote

The key to winning an election is continually educating your voters and reminding them to vote!

Here’s a political campaign direct mail piece you can send:

political direct mail

8. Win your seat with repeated political campaign postcards

My client Suzy Alba decided she wanted to enter public service, so she chose to run for a local Town Council seat.

Being new to the political realm, she consulted with our marketing experts to find out how to stack the odds in her favor.

Suzy had political campaign postcards designed and mailed to 6,000 registered voters in her town…

Suzy not only won, but she received the highest number of voters out of all 10 other candidates!

You can read her full campaign story here.

Here’s a design you can use to remind voters to get out and vote for you!

political campaign direct mail

There you have it!

8 political campaign postcards you can customize to your platform and image to galvanize voters and win your election!

If you need any help designing a winning strategy for your campaign, don’t hesitate to contact one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

They can tell you which strategies have worked for other candidates, plus their advice is 100% FREE.

Or, you can email me directly at joy.gendusa@postcardmania.com.



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