6 New Patient Dental Postcards You Can Use

Here at PostcardMania, we make dental marketing easy.

It’s as simple as picking one of the premade designs below and figuring out what mailing list works best for your business!

1. Use these complementary colors to grab a potential new patient’s attention

new patient dental postcard

Complementary colors, when placed next to each other, they create a strong visual contrast that stands out.

This is why sports teams, business logos, and yes, postcards, use them!

For more examples of postcard elements that grab attention, check out the ten elements of effective postcard design.

2. Use variable data to pull the recipient in with their own name

dental gift certificate postcard

Everyone loves hearing or reading their own name, which is why personalization is an essential component of many successful marketing efforts.

Variable data allows for super-personalized prospect experiences – every single recipient you’re targeting can have their name, right at the top of the card!

Check out our personalized postcards for more info!

3. Offer a limited-time discounted dental service to create urgency

new patient dental marketing

That bright strip of offers immediately caught your attention, right? And making them new patient specials makes the recipient feel more exclusive.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? And having it expire in a month or so creates urgency for them to use the coupon while they can!

4. Offer birthday discounts to make people feel special

new patient dental marketing

People are always riding a natural high on their birthdays – capitalize with a birthday postcard!

This is done with variable data and direct mail triggers – you can read more about those here.

5. Use a headline that really engages the recipient

dental marketing postcard

The headline is arguably the most important part of the postcard. If it doesn’t communicate the card’s message and trigger an emotional response, you may lose their attention right off the back.

Headlines that perform well usually incorporate words phrases like “confidence,” “white smiles,” “for life,” etc. Anything that signals that your service is a quality one that they will be content with for a long time!

6. Put a satisfied client review to construct social proof that you have a quality service

effective dental postcard design

Social proof is a way to show potential new patients that they have nothing to worry about when visiting your practice.

Your service is a great one, so says this person! Put your best, in-depth review on this postcard to ease the mind of the recipient.

And there you have it! All of these designs are available for you to customize and try.

While you’re thinking of which design will work best for your business, check out our Everywhere Dental marketing product.

What separates it from our other marketing products is the incoming new patient call analysis. Our team of trained experts listen to your front desk’s recorded conversations and personally review, analyze, and rate each one of your tracked phone calls.

If you have any questions about growing your business with new patient dental postcards this summer, call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804…

They’ll help you navigate mailing lists, postage, and answer any other questions you have!

Plus — their advice is 100% FREE.



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