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We initially chose PostcardMania because they are very people friendly and they have good pricing.

Hi! These two ladies have been amazing! I wouldn’t have gotten anything accomplished if they had not walked me through doing everything step by step. I love the phone calls and the emails! Kudos!

$45,000 in income! A 1,484% return on investment!

Had a great experience with postcard mania, especially with Madison Cowen. She was extremely helpful and nailed the postcard design!

One of the best company's I have ever dealt with. Incredibly efficient, well run and customer service focused. Can not recommend these guys enough.

6 Gorgeous Fall Real Estate Postcards You Should Send

6 gorgeous fall real estate postcards you should send

Hey Realtors!

Want gorgeous fall real estate postcards all set to mail and grow your business this autumn?

Here are 6 — check them out!

1. Mail this fall real estate postcard to generate a 1,484% ROI

When you mail fall real estate postcards to a list of prospects you’ve been promoting to for a while, you’ll come across as the most personable realtor in the area!

fall real estate postcards


Your realtor marketing is all about ROI.

In fact, one of my clients mailed postcards and received “only” 3-5 responses… but those few responses turned into:

So you could say that realtor marketing campaign was TOTALLY worth it!

You can read the full case study here.

2. Use this fall real estate postcard template for your business

This fall real estate postcard is ready to be customized to YOUR business and mailed out!

fall real estate postcards

Need help with a mailing list?

Get a FREE list count in the area you want to list and sell in HERE!

3. Give an irresistible FREE offer and attract 219 leads

I think you’d be surprised at how much an incredible special offer can grow your business!

In fact:

One of my real estate clients mailed 6,000 postcards and generated 219 interested leads!

This autumn, mail this fall real estate postcard with a BRIGHT pink area for a killer special offer:

fall real estate postcards

Need ideas for your lead-generating special offer?

Download this:

FREE report: 128 special marketing offers already PROVEN to work

4. Receive a 14,194% ROI from your real estate direct mail campaign

Just plug your own photo into this fall real estate postcard template:

fall real estate postcards

Results from targeted realtor direct mail campaigns can be game-changing for your business!

Take this case study example:

These CA real estate brokers closed 5 deals after just 2 months of mailing postcards…

And they averaged $260,000 in revenue EACH!

Not bad, right?

See their postcard design and mailing list strategy here!

5. Mail this color fall real estate postcard to stand out from your competition

The real estate industry tends to slow down in the fall/winter months, but if you keep your marketing going, you’ll remain top of mind for when(ever) your prospects DO need you!

Try mailing this warm and friendly fall real estate postcard with 2 of your best listings!

fall real estate postcards

Here’s the last one:

6. Show off your BEST listing with this beautiful realtor postcard

You can plug your photo into this fall real estate postcard design:

fall real estate postcards


The QUALITY of your mailing list — and how consistently you mail to it — are probably the biggest factors in producing qualified leads and sales from your realtor marketing…

  • Mail to a list of prospects who’ve largely moved away, and you’ve just wasted significant money on postage.
  • Mail to a list of people who will never buy what listings you do have, and you’ll wait forever for the phone to ring.

It’s worth making sure you have an excellent mailing list full of reachable leads BEFORE you spend money on postage!

So here’s some help:

Get 1,000 FREE records here when you do a FREE list count for your area.

And if you need ANY other help in promoting your real estate business this holiday season, don’t hesitate to contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804…

Their advice is 100% FREE!



FREE DOWNLOAD: Real Real Estate Marketing Campaigns and Their Results


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